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What to Watch in March

Lisa Tipton
Geoffrey Baer in the Rookery in Chicago
Geoffrey Baer explores 'The Most Beautiful Places in Chicago' in his latest special. Photo: WTTW/Liz Markel

There's a huge amount of worthwhile TV out there nowadays, so it can be hard to choose what to watch. But who better to recommend shows than the person who programs them? Lisa Tipton, WTTW’s Head of Programming and Pledge, constructs the WTTW schedule by searching through offerings from many different sources which include the national PBS network, the BBC, and independent filmmakers to put together a varied and engaging broadcast schedule. Each month, she’ll recommend a few shows that she thinks you should watch.

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The Most Beautiful Places in Chicago

Tuesday, March 7 at 7:00 pm

Chicago is a beautiful city, with plenty of beautiful places hidden throughout it. In his newest special, Geoffrey Baer explores some of The Most Beautiful Places in Chicago, from picturesque parks to resplendent temples to iconic skyscrapers. 

The show will be available to stream for free at, where you will also be able  to explore even more beautiful places!

Geoffrey spoke with us about the new special and his love of Chicago. 

Frontline: Age of Easy Money

Tuesday, March 14 at 8:00 pm

We've been living with economic uncertainty for what seems like an eternity now, a possibly looming crisis that the Federal Reserve is attempting to staunch by raising interest rates in an end to a monetary experiment it began with the financial crisis of 2008. Frontline explains why, the implications of the moves, and the history behind them. 

As with all Frontline documentaries, The Age of Easy Money will be available to stream once it premieres over the air. 

Hidden Ireland

Friday, March 17 at 8:00 pm

On one of Chicago's favorite holidays (St. Patrick's Day), we're celebrating by airing two back-to-back specials: the new travel show Hidden Ireland, followed by the concert (filmed in Chicago) I Am Ireland at 9:00 pm, which is available to stream for free. 

New Sunday night lineup of dramas

Sunday, March 19

Sunday nights are exciting, as we enjoy another season of Call the Midwife at 7:00 pm, wrap up the entire series of Sanditon at 8:00 pm, and travel to another historical time period with the new Marie Antoinette at 9:00 pm, all starting on March 19.

You can catch up on the previous season of Call the Midwife all throughout the day with a marathon beginning at 9:30 am, but if you need more background you can also read our recaps of that and previous seasons of Sanditon. We'll be recapping all the new episodes, and Marie Antoinette, too.

WTTW Passport members can already stream a few episodes of the upcoming Call the Midwife season, if you're impatient to get started!

American Masters: Dr. Tony Fauci

Tuesday, March 21 at 7:00 pm

Now retired after a decades-long career fighting some of the most disruptive diseases the United States has faced, Dr. Anthony Fauci became an especially visible presence during the COVID-19 pandemic. This American Masters introduces you to the man behind the public persona.