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We Have an Airdate for the Final Season of 'Endeavour'

Daniel Hautzinger
Thursday and Morse in season 8 of Endeavour
Thursday and Morse in season 8 of Endeavour. Photo: Mammoth Screen and Masterpiece

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We've known for a long time now that Endeavour would be ending after its ninth season, but now we finally have a premiere date for that season: June 18. That first episode will be preceded the week before, on Sunday, June 11, with a special looking back on the series called Morse and the Last Endeavour. The final season of Endeavour will consist of three episodes.

Along with the end of Endeavour, we'll be launching a new beginning with the premiere of the mystery Ridley on June 18, in which a retired detective inspector returns to help his protégée solve a difficult murder, which becomes ever more complicated.  

Watch a teaser for the final season of Endeavour below.