A New Mystery by the Creator of 'Death in Paradise' Is Coming to WTTW

Daniel Hautzinger
Samantha Bond, Cara Horgan, and Natalie Dew smile for a photo during a table read for The Marlow Murder Club
Samantha Bond, Cara Horgan, and Natalie Dew all star in the upcoming adaptation of 'The Marlow Murder Club.' Photo: Masterpiece

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A new mystery based on a novel by the creator of Death in Paradise is coming to WTTW and PBS via MasterpieceThe Marlow Murder Club follows a group of women in a quiet town who investigate what they believe is a murder after the police are reluctant to listen to them. Released in 2021, it was Robert Thorogood's first novel independent of Death in Paradise and was well-received enough to merit a sequel the following year. Kirkus likened it to the work of Anthony Horowitz, the author of Magpie Murders (another recently adapted mystery novel), without the metafictional aspects. 

The Marlow Murder Club will star Samantha Bond (Downton Abbey's Lady Rosamund, Home Fires' Frances Barden, and Moneypenny in the Pierce Brosnan James Bond films) as Judith Potts, a retired archaeologist who now devises crosswords but becomes convinced a murder has taken place in Marlow. She's joined in her investigation by dogwalker Suzie Harris (Jo Martin, who has been in an episode of Death in Paradise as well as several Doctor Whos) and vicar's wife Becks Starling (Cara Horgan, of The Sandman and Traitors). Newly promoted policewoman Tanika Malik (Natalie Dew, whom you might recognize from Roadkill) eventually enlists them to help. (Dew is the only actress of the four leads who hasn't appeared on Midsomer Murders.) Steve Barron of The Durrells in Corfu will direct.

We don't have an airdate yet, but we will keep you updated.