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Hannah lives her nightmares in the climax of 'Remember Me.' Photo: ITV plc

'Remember Me' Recap: Part 3

The final part of Remember Me is a murky lake, swirling with drowned bodies, complex backstories, and supernatural plots. Tom's relation to Isha is revealed; the tragic story of his marriage is explained; Hannah rushes to save Sean; and everyone begins to believe in ghosts.
Remember Me. Photo: ITV plc

The Lore of "Scarborough Fair"

The old English folk ballad features prominently in the ghost story Remember Me. What do its enigmatic lyrics mean? Why keep repeating "Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme?" Is the Scarborough Fair a real thing? Discover the history of the song and its references.
Remember Me. Photo: ITV plc

'Remember Me' Recap: Part 2

Hannah's nightmares continue and begin to be all too real, while Tom has disappeared. Rob and Roshana are slowly uncovering hints about Tom's past – he's been lying about things. A trip with Sean to Scarborough in search of clues warps into a terrifying journey for Hannah. 
Tom Parfitt (Michael Palin) is eager to move into an assisted living home. Photo: ITV plc

'Remember Me' Recap: Part 1

Tom Parfitt lives alone but is eager to move into assisted living, so he stages a fall. There's something unusual about him: he acts younger than his "eighty-odd" years, and a photo of a boy seems to upset him. And he brings both tragedy and mystery to the retirement home.
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