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Sisters Julienne and Hilda in Call the Midwife. Photo: Neal Street Productions

'Call the Midwife' Recap: Season 11 Episode 4

Sister Hilda and Dr. Turner try to help a man with a lung condition who is haunted by his past, while Sister Julienne and Trixie try to intervene in the difficulties of a struggling new mother.
Thursday and Morse in season 8 of Endeavour. Photo: Mammoth Screen and Masterpiece

Dramas and Mysteries Coming Up on WTTW

Spring is here, which means new shows and new seasons. Look ahead through summer and fall at upcoming dramas and mysteries, from new seasons of favorites to entirely new series.
Zvonomir in Before We Die. Photo: PBS

'Before We Die' Recap: Episode 3

Christian becomes ever more involved with the Mimica family, having to resort to increasingly drastic actions to keep his cover and stay safe. 
Augusta, Leo, and Alexander in Sanditon. Photo: Joss Barratt © Red Planet

'Sanditon' Recap: Season 2 Episode 3

As Sanditon's Midsummer Fair approaches, Charlotte's charges and her employer begin to warm to her. Georgiana finds herself intrigued by Charles, Alison becomes ever more besotted, and Esther distrusts Clara's intentions. 
Nancy Corrigan in Call the Midwife. Photo: Neal Street Production

'Call the Midwife' Recap: Season 11 Episode 3

Nancy befriends a homeless man and struggles with how to help him while Violet tries to figure out how to best help all of her constituents, including the ones who cause complaints. A woman can't decide whether to pursue a career or be a full-time mother.
Christian and Hannah in Before We Die. Photo: Sofie Gheysens

'Before We Die' Recap: Episode 2

Hannah and Billy try to continue their investigation into Sean's disappearance despite their fears of a leak amongst their colleagues, while Christian continues ingratiating himself with the Mimicas. Hannah is stunned by the revelation of Issy's identity.
Alison with Captain Carter in Sanditon. Photo: Alistair Heap © Red Planet

'Sanditon' Recap: Season 2 Episode 2

Alison has a chance at the romance she dreams of while Georgiana rejects any further suitors and Charlotte begins her work as a governess to two strong-headed young women. Esther fears Edward's intentions.
Nancy, Nurse Crane, and Trixie in Call the Midwife. Photo: Neal Street Productions

'Call the Midwife' Recap: Season 11 Episode 2

A frightening event leads to a big change in Miss Higgins' life, while a patient has her own upending diagnosis. A woman prepares to have her fourth child and is happily independent but fears a social worker might interfere with her life. 
Hannah Laing and Billy Murdoch in Before We Die. Photo: Sofie Gheysens

'Before We Die' Recap: Episode 1

When Hannah's lover, also a police officer, disappears, she begins to work with Billy to understand the case her lover was working on and where he might be. Her difficult relationship with her son and ex-husband don't help matters. 
Alison and Charlotte Heywood with Georgiana Lambe in Sanditon. Photo: Joss Barrat © Red Planet

'Sanditon' Recap: Season 2 Episode 1

Sanditon is back! Charlotte has returned to the seaside town in the wake of a tragedy, this time with her sister in tow. An army regiment has arrived for the summer, while other new and exciting personages abound.
An Easter celebration in Poplar in Call the Midwife. Photo: Courtesy Neal Street Productions

'Call the Midwife' Recap: Season 11 Episode 1

It's Easter in Poplar, and spring brings a new beginning for Nancy as she begins work as a midwife. Changes uncover a horrible story from the past, and a couple hopes that their second baby will fare better than their first. 
Annika. Photo: UKTV

A Unique Upcoming Crime Drama Set in Scotland

Annika is based on a BBC radio drama and features a lead character who breaks the fourth wall to confide in the audience. The title character, who leads a Marine Homicide Unit in Scotland, is played by a PBS stalwart, Nicola Walker.
Oskar and Max in Vienna Blood. Photo: Endor Production Ltd/MR Film GmbH

'Vienna Blood' Has Been Renewed for a Third Season

Vienna Blood has been renewed for a third season, so more turn-of-the-century Viennese mysteries are coming your way.
Georgiana and Charlotte in season 2 of Sanditon. Photo: Masterpiece

Get Ready for Season 2 of 'Sanditon'

With the long-awaited return of Sanditon with its second season fast approaching, get a preview of what's to come in photos and video, and meet some of the new characters. 
Ridley Road. Photo: Masterpiece

Preview a New Historical Drama Coming to WTTW

Ridley Road follows as young Jewish woman as she goes undercover in a neo-Nazi group in London during the 1960s. Based on a novel of the same name by Jo Bloom, it's coming to Masterpiece in May. 
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