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Andrea Andrade preparing a pabellón (shredded beef, black beans, fried plantains, cheese) arepa at Sweet Pepper Venezuelan Food Bar. Photo: Sandy Noto for WTTW

A New Life in Chicago Serving an Old Food That Represents Their Home

Andrea Andrade and Jose Navea didn't plan to stay in Chicago when they came to visit. Now they operate their own restaurant serving arepas, a nostalgic staple food of their home country of Venezuela. "You can't say Venezuela and not say arepas," Navea says. 
Shrimp Scampi from America's Test Kitchen. Photo: Carl Tremblay

America's Favorite Recipe from 'America's Test Kitchen'

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, America's Test Kitchen asked viewers to vote on their favorite recipes, and this Shrimp Scampi came out on top. Try it at home then post about it on social media tagged with #ScampiChallenge to join the fun! 
Alpana Singh on the set of Check, Please! for season 19. Photo: WTTW/Ken Carl

Alpana Singh on One of the World's Toughest Exams

More people have won a Nobel Prize than have passed the infamously challenging exam to become a Master Sommelier, and Alpana Singh is the youngest woman to have ever passed, when she was 26. She discusses the rigors of the exam and what draws people to the wine world. 
Blueberry Jam Cake from 'Cook's Country.' Photo: Joe Keller

A Stunning Blueberry Jam Cake from 'Cook's Country'

In our Instagram era, visually appealing desserts dominate social media. But instead of committing to a fad, try dressing up a simple classic like a blueberry jam cake with a stunning decorative effect, in this recipe from the pros at Cook's Country. Plus, it will still taste great, not just look great. 
Texas Caviar by Vivian Howard on Pati's Mexican Table

Vivian Howard's Texas Caviar, from 'Pati's Mexican Table'

This week on Pati's Mexican Table, Pati Jinich is joined by her friend and fellow public television chef and host Vivian Howard to share both south-of-the-border and Southern recipes, including one for a simple side or dip, Howard's "Texas Caviar."
Hawaiian Macaroni Salad from 'Cook's Country.' Photo: Joe Heller

Hawaiian Macaroni Salad from 'Cook's Country'

Americans love mayo-based salads: egg, tuna, chicken, potato. But Hawaiians in particular prize macaroni salad, serving it as a side in the ubiquitous plate lunch found on the islands. Try Cook's Country take on this simple classic. 
Pati Jinich's Enchiladas de Suelo from 'Pati's Mexican Table,' season 8

Enchiladas de Suelo from 'Pati's Mexican Table'

A new season of the James Beard Award-winning Pati's Mexican Table focuses on the northwestern Mexican state of Sinaloa. Try Pati's recipe for a specialty from the state's capital city of Culiacán, featuring chorizo and zucchini over sauce-soaked, fried tortillas. 
Za'atar flatbreads from Milk Street. Photo: Connie Miller of CB Creatives

Make Your Own Middle Eastern-Style Flatbread, Courtesy of 'Milk Street'

This versatile dough from Christopher Kimball's Milk Street incorporates Greek yogurt for some extra chewiness (and ease of making it). It can be topped with za'atar and sesame seeds or anything else, or simply baked plain to use with dips. 
Milk Street's Tlayuda. Photo: Connie Miller of CB Creatives

Try a Oaxacan Street Snack with a Recipe from 'Milk Street'

Tlayudas are a common antojito, or street food, in Oaxaca. Somewhat similar to a pizza, they are a large tortilla topped with black beans, cheese, and other ingredients that is then grilled open-faced. Try a folded-over version from Christopher Kimball's Milk Street here. 
Chicago tavern-style pizza from 'Cook's Country.' Photo: Joe Keller

Make Your Own Tavern-Style Pizza with a Recipe from 'Cook's Country'

As Chicagoans know, deep dish isn't the only style of pizza indigenous to the city. There's also the thin, crisp crust and square slices of tavern-style pizza. You probably have a favorite joint to get it from, but why not try your hand at making it yourself, with help from Cook's Country
Chef Erick Williams. Photo: Gary Adcock/Studio37

How Chef Erick Williams Shows Kindness Is a Virtue at His Restaurant

"For me, sustainability is developing and training the largest sum of African American and brown young men and women that I can possibly find," says chef Erick Williams, who has recently garnered national acclaim for his new Hyde Park restaurant, Virtue.
Rick Bayless's Pollo in Pipián Verde

Rick Bayless's Pollo in Pipián Verde

Try a recipe for poached chicken breasts in a green mole made with pumpkin seeds, from the newest season of Mexico: One Plate at a Time with Rick Bayless. Green mole is a bit simpler than many of its cousins, so it won't take dozens of ingredients and all day to cook. 
The Taste of Chicago

The Taste of Chicago: A Forgotten Predecessor and Vendor's Stories

The Taste of Chicago starts today. Discover a home-grown, forgotten predecessor that may have inspired the popular event and hear the stories of some of the vendors, from a struggling immigrant turned successful restaurateur, a pioneer in bringing Thai food to Chicago, and a mainstay of Chicago hot dogs.
Beverly Kim and Johnny Clark at the James Beard Awards. Photo: Galdo Photography

Chicago's 2019 James Beard Awards Winners

The James Beard Awards, a coveted achievement among America's chefs and food industry, were held tonight. Out of fourteen Chicago finalists, four took home an Award.
A James Beard Award

Chicago's 2019 James Beard Award Finalists

This year's finalists for the James Beard Awards, often called the Oscars of Food, have been announced. As usual, Chicago has its fair share of nominees: fourteen, in eight distinct categories, plus two more for cookbooks. Find the list, plus reviews, interviews, and recipes from the finalists here.
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