Key monastery in India's Spiti Valley. Photo: Hector Skevington-Postles

Earth's Most Impressive and Forbidding Landscapes

PBS's Summer of Adventure has begun! There's a lot to explore, including three of the world's most impressive mountain ranges, in Kingdoms of the Sky, and some of Earth's most forbidding landscapes, in Earth's Natural Wonders. See some of the stunning photography from both series. 
Photo: Chicago Botanic Photos

Telling a Story of a Tree's Life Through Bonsai

"Bonsai" literally translates to "planted in a container," but the Japanese art form is much more complicated than that. The Chicago Botanic Garden's bonsai curator explains how you train a tree, the goals and some basic tenets of bonsai, and shows some of his favorites.
Peter Greenberg and Rwandan President Paul Kagame  above Nyungwe National Park

The Stunning National Parks of Rwanda

In Rwanda: The Royal Tour, the president of the small but biodiverse African country visits some of the land's natural wonders, from one of the last habitats of mountain gorillas to one of Africa's oldest rainforests to a a savannah and wetland chockfull of large animals.
The Chicago River Tour with Geoffrey Baer. Photo: Ken Carl

Explore the Chicago River with Geoffrey Baer

There's a new Chicago River Tour with Geoffrey Baer, but the TV program isn't the only way you can explore Chicago's vital waterway. You can also take your own audio tour of Riverwalk, enjoy 360 videos, watch an animated history of the river reversal, and more on our companion site.
Helen Macdonald, author of H is for Hawk, with her goshawk Lupin. Photo: Courtesy Mike Birkhead Associates

Helen Macdonald on the Wonderful, Optimistic World of Hawks

Helen Macdonald turned to hawking for solace when her father died, chronicling her grief in the award-winning book H is for Hawk. Now she's training her first goshawk since then on Nature. She spoke to us about the meanings give to animals and more.
Jane Goodall with a chimpanzee Photo: Tigress Productions

Meet Some Humans Who Develop Intimate Bonds with Animals

Nature's program Animal Reunions examines the bonds that can form between animals and human caregivers, reuniting orphaned or rescued animals with the people who rehabilitated them. Learn about the work of some of these conservationists.
Phil Ponce

Phil Ponce's Hobby

What does Phil Ponce do when he's not hosting Chicago Tonight? Watch him discuss his hobby and the deeper meaning behind it, hear him share some tips, and see the fruits of his labor around his home.
The island of Little Skellig, home to a large colony of northern gannet birds. Photo: George Karbus

'Ireland's Wild Coast' in Photos

In Ireland's Wild Coast, cameraman Colin Stafford-Johnson explores the magnificent wildlife and landscape of the islands, shores, and waters of Ireland's Atlantic coast. Catch a glimpse of what awaits in the show, with some unbelievable photography. 
A bald eagle in flight in Alaska. Photo: Chris Kidd.

Wild Alaska Live

PBS is broadcasting live from Alaska as bears, orcas, eagles, and wolves join a bountiful summer feast when millions of salmon swim upriver to spawn. Catch some sneak peeks of pesky porcupines, wallowing walruses, and hunting humpback whales.
Joel Sartore. Photo: © 2016 Joel Sartore Photography Inc.

Joel Sartore: A Modern-Day Noah

Joel Sartore is the creator of the Photo Ark, a 25-year project to photograph every animal species in human care. He talked to us about the role of the Photo Ark and zoos in conservation. "It’s folly to think that we can drive half of all species to extinction and not affect humanity,” he says.
A herd of elephants in Samburu National Park, Kenya. Photo: BBC/Sarah Bright

Majestic Migration Photos

Nature's Great Race follows epic mass migrations across the vast landscapes of the Arctic and southern and eastern Africa in vivid cinematography – catch a glimpse of the engrossing images here with a preview in photography before the show premieres on Wednesday, July 12.
The Yellowstone River. Photo: Filip Fuxa/

'The Great Yellowstone Thaw' in Photographs

The Great Yellowstone Thaw follows the animals of Yellowstone as they weather a 140 degree temperature change from winter to spring. Explore the majestic area of Yellowstone and its hardy creatures in stunning photography here.
Luna, a rescued sea otter pup at Shedd Aquarium. Photo: ©Shedd Aquarium

Shedd Aquarium's Fascinating and Ingenious Animals

Do you know how dolphins continue to surface for breath even while sleeping, why trainers use hair dryers on sea otters in aquariums, or the difficulties of beluga whale birth and calf-rearing? Shedd experts Jessica Whiton and Tim Binder have the answers.
A giant manta in Micronesia, in PBS's Big Pacific. Photo: Ernie Kovacs/NHNZ

The Summer of Adventure

China, Havana, the Pacific, Alaska - PBS explores them all during the Summer of Adventure. Take a sneak peek at the upcoming shows, which follow caribou in the Arctic Circle, a photographer's quest to document every species in captivity, and more.
Chicago Botanic Garden's Orchid Show. Photo: Chicago Botanic Garden


Orchids drive people mad, from wealthy Victorian collectors to one of the most important scientists of the last few centuries. A horticulturist from the Chicago Botanic Garden explains what makes orchids unique and attempts to tease out our obsession with them.
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