A nesting osprey shares the sky with planes from New York City's John F. Kennedy Airport. (Don Riepe / American Littoral Society)

Thriving 'Urban Nature' in Three American Cities

WTTW's new web series Urban Nature explores such stories as segregating squirrels, San Francisco's 'wild plan' for safe wildlife movement through the city, and the reclamation by nature of a deserted island near Manhattan.
Spy Wild Dog Pup in Botswana. (Courtesy of Richard Jones/© John Downer Productions)

The Secret Life of Animals: An Interview with a Producer of 'Spy in the Wild'

Tonight at 8:00 pm, "Meet the Spies" in the finale of Spy in the Wild. We talked to series producer Philip Dalton about how the cameras can capture animals' most intimate behavior.
A butterfly emerges from its chrysalis.

The Butterflies of the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum

The Judy Istock Butterfly Haven houses roughly 1,000 butterflies of over forty different species from around the globe at any one time. Doug Taron manages them all.
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