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Confused about who stole which artifact for what reason in that latest episode of Endeavour, and how our intrepid detective figured it all out? Or need a refresher on the relationships—familial, romantic, or rancorous—in Poldark? Check out our recaps of those shows and more: all of your favorite British series, dramas, and mysteries from Masterpiece and PBS, condensed into easily readable plot summaries. So when another season of All Creatures Great and Small or Grantchester rolls around, whether you’re streaming it via Passport or watching it on TV, you can quickly catch up and enjoy the show. Don’t forget the popcorn!

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Alice leans on Jack as they stand before a blue sky

'Alice & Jack' Recap: Episode 4

After Alice makes Jack rich, she once again disappears from his life until his daughter seeks her out for answers. Then Alice and Jack are able to simply be friends –  at least for now. 

Jo Hamilton looks worried on the phone in a dark room

'Mr Bates vs the Post Office' Recap: Episode 1

A computer system causes issues at post offices across the UK, but the post office refuses to acknowledge them and instead blames subpostmasters, making them pay to make up "lost" money.

Trixie and Joyce stand in nurse's uniform in front of a patient

'Call the Midwife' Recap: Season 13 Episode 4

A distraction at home leads Trixie to rush while working with a patient with the pupil midwife Joyce, while other midwives help a Nigerian family with tuberculosis.

Maya and Alice look at computer screens on a desk in front of a wall of windows

'Alice & Jack' Recap: Episode 3

An unexpected invitation upsets Jack and leads him to once again reconnect with Alice. Later, she offers him an opportunity to make a fortune. 

Nolly sits in a restaurant with a white dress and white headscarf and looks into the distance with tears in her eyes

'Nolly' Recap: Episode 3

Nolly returns to the stage after decades and worries about failing, before eventually making a valedictory return to the show that made her famous. 

Reggie and Violet hold each other while Fred looks on in their shop

'Call the Midwife' Recap: Season 13 Episode 3

Violet is running for mayor with the support of her family and friends, but a medical emergency threatens to derail her life first.

Jack stands and looks at Lynn under a tree

'Alice & Jack' Recap: Episode 2

Jack's new marriage to Lynn is upset by the reappearance of Alice in his life, while Alice makes a startling admission about her past. 

Larry stands behind Nolly and holds her as they both look upwards

'Nolly' Recap: Episode 2

As Nolly and everyone else are desperate to learn how her character will be killed off, she also worries about what she will do once her contract ends. 

Cyril opens a door for a woman with a stroller

'Call the Midwife' Recap: Season 13 Episode 2

Cyril and the midwives help a woman whose husband has left her with one child and another on the way and whose government housing is infected with mold.

Alice and Jack sit in front of two large tunnels and some skyscrapers

'Alice & Jack' Recap: Episode 1

Alice and Jack's romance is brief but intense, and leaves indelible marks on both as they continue to move through life. 

Nolly in a fur coat in profile

'Nolly' Recap: Episode 1

Noele Gordon has been the star of a popular soap opera for eighteen years when she learns that she is being fired, for no apparent reason.

The midwives and their pupils ride bikes down the street, smiling in their uniforms

'Call the Midwife' Recap: Season 13 Episode 1

A new set of midwife pupils arrives in Poplar and one of them is immediately thrust into danger, while the other midwives aid a mother with cerebral palsy. 

Helen and James smile and hold their heads to each other as James holds their newborn

'All Creatures Great and Small' Recap: Season 4 Episode 7

James tries to make his way home from training at Christmas to welcome a new son, in the season finale. 

Tony, Clive, and Bill sit at a bar and mug for the camera

'Funny Woman' Recap: Episode 6

The team reunites for a final episode that they hope might lead to another series, but there are still complications with which Barbara must wrestle. 

Richard Alderson bends towards a seated, blanketed, smiling Helen outside

'All Creatures Great and Small' Recap: Season 4 Episode 6

Helen moves home to help on the family farm but her father wants to coddle her as she's pregnant. Mrs. Hall and Siegfried wrestle with an impending departure.