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Eleanor Roosevelt and Princess Märtha in 'Atlantic Crossing'
Märtha raises her public profile and begins doing more to help Norway's cause in America, going to Eleanor for public speaking advice. Meanwhile, FDR becomes more infatuated with Märtha.
Ted Ngoy at a donut shop
May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, a time to celebrate the fastest growing group in the United States. Find WTTW's coverage and content for Asian Pacific Heritage Month here.
Donkey Hodie and Purple Panda in front of Panda's spaceship
“Everybody’s trying to do a lot of what Donkey does: be resilient and persevere through these very challenging times,” says an executive producer of Donkey Hodie, which was made by veterans of Sesame Street, Nature Cat, and Cyberchase in a WTTW studio.
Ida B. Wells
The writer and producer of a new WTTW documentary about the groundbreaking civil rights activist, journalist, and suffragist discusses Wells' relevance today, at a moment when Wells is becoming more and more recognized for her work.
FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt in 'Atlantic Crossing'
Märtha is drawn into politics as she is pressured to use her influence with FDR to aid Norway in the war, while he runs for reelection and tries to follow the public's position on non-intervention despite his own convictions. 
A composting bucket
More than 20% of material sent to the landfill in Chicago by weight is food waste, which decomposes and releases the harmful greenhouse gas methane. Instead, that food waste could benefit the earth by being composted. 
Lord Grantham and Cora, Countess of Grantham in 'Downton Abbey'

After a difficult last year, audiences will be receiving a welcome Christmas gift this year: another Downton Abbey movie.

Princess Märtha and her daughters in New York in 'Atlantic Crossing'
As Märtha and her children reach safety in America, they grow closer to President FDR. Back in London, Olav and Haakon debate the path forward for the Norwegian government-in-exile while Germany turns its sights on Britain. 
Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner
Hear from the filmmaker of the new Independent Lens series Philly D.A., which follows reformer Larry Krasner as he attempts to change the culture of the district attorney's office and reduce mass incarceration in the country's most incarcerated city with progressive policies.
Dr. Raychelle Burks, a St. Edward's University chemist, in 'NOVA: Picture a Scientist'
Women and people of color are severely underrepresented in STEM fields and face additional challenges. Last year, a DePaul University environmental scientist co-wrote a paper with suggestions on how to broaden participation in STEM amongst underrepresented groups. 
Crown Prince Olav in 'Atlantic Crossing'
As Norway struggles to repel the German invasion, Olav and Haakon debate the best course of action for the country while Märtha seeks a reunion with Olav and safety for her children.
Crown Princess Märtha and President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 'Atlantic Crossing'
Atlantic Crossing focuses on a possible relationship between Norway's Crown Princess Märtha and President Franklin D. Roosevelt when Märtha was staying in the United States during World War II. How much is pulled straight from history?
Crown Princess Märtha and Crown Prince Olav in 'Atlantic Crossing'
Less than a year after Norway's Crown Prince and Princess visit the United States and meet President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, they prepare for a possible German invasion of the neutral Norway.
Greta Thunberg in Stockholm. Photo: Banfa Jawla/BBC Studios
Spend time with three extraordinary people—Ernest Hemingway, Princess Diana, and Greta Thunberg—plus take a deep dive into the effects of the pandemic across the globe over the past year with Frontline.
Bill Veeck with Jim McKay on Wide World of Sports in 1964. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Bill Veeck was behind the ivy at Wrigley Field plus Harry Caray singing during the seventh inning stretch, names on uniforms, and the exploding scoreboard with the White Sox. He brought the Sox and Cleveland to the World Series, and always boosted the attendance of lagging teams.