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Representations of bitcoin and the stock prices
"Crypto is something that nearly everyone has heard of," says the producer of a new NOVA on cryptocurrency and blockchain, "and yet at the same time, essentially no one understands it." 
A Bijou cocktail
In his new book, Pour Me Another: 250 Ways to Find Your Favorite DrinkMilk Street's editorial director J.M. Hirsch offers ways to discover new cocktails you love. For whiskey lovers who avoid gin, he suggests a Bijou, which he describes as like a light Old Fashioned. 
An aerial view of the Elijah Lovejoy Monument in Alton, Illinois

On November 7, 1837, an abolitionist named Elijah Parish Lovejoy was killed by a pro-slavery mob in Alton, Illinois.

Annika, Michael, Tyrone, and Blair in Annika
An author was both popular and loathed because of her books, which gained an audience but created plenty of enemies. So Annika's team have lots of people to investigate when the author turns up dead.
Charles Clover in Magpie Murders
Charles needs Susan to decide whether she will take over Clover Books from him, as she continues to learn more about Alan's death—and the real-life dramas he incorporated into his final novel. 
Patrick Nash in Miss Scarlet and the Duke
Patrick Nash has come to see Eliza as a rival undercutting his business and so wants to hire her by any means necessary. But Eliza refuses, instead competing with Nash to solve a case before him and prove herself. 
The exterior of Orchestra Hall in 1920 and its stage in 1966 during a recording session with Benny Goodman and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Photos: Chicago History Museum, ICHi-032364; Kaufmann & Fabry Company, photographer (L); ST-19070395-0015, Chicago Sun-Times collection, Chicago History Museum (R)
Take a look at Orchestra Hall's more than 100-year history and the prominent Chicago architects who have shaped and renovated the home of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, at a time when the New York Philharmonic's newly redesigned hall is receiving all the attention.
J.M. Hirsch and his cocktail book Pour Me Another
J.M. Hirsch, the editorial director of Milk Street, travels nearly half of the year in search of recipes and techniques he can bring back to the American home cook. He also wants to help people discover cocktails unfamiliar to them in his new interactive book. 
Pinto Beans with Bacon and Chipotle from Milk Street
Cook What You Have, the new cookbook from Christopher Kimball's Milk Street, focuses on making easy meals out of pantry staples that you always have on hand. This recipe for frijoles charros, or "cowboy beans," is a perfect example.
Buffy Sainte-Marie
Among WTTW's Native American Heritage Month programming is a new documentary of the Indigenous musician, artist, and activist Buffy Sainte-Marie, plus films that explore the varied experience, present, and past of Native Americans. 
Image: juergen-polle / Pixabay
Are You Caught Up With October’s Chicago Headlines? Take Our October News Quiz.
Michael and Annika in Annika
Annika turns to Michael for advice on her daughter as Morgan begins therapy, all while also investigating another murder, of the chemical analyst at a nonprofit fighting for contaminant-free water. 
Robert Blakiston and Joy Sanderling in Magpie Murders
Atticus Pünd continues to investigate the death of Sir Magnus Pye and his housekeeper Mary Blakiston, who opposed her son Robert's marriage to Joy Sanderling: a possible motive for murder? Susan continues looking for the final chapter of the mystery.
William and Moses in season 2 of Miss Scarlet and the Duke
William and Moses reluctantly work together when Eliza comes under suspicion of a series of break-ins at the city mortuaries and has to go into hiding. Ivy also helps out Moses, while Eliza finds a new helpful accomplice. 
The Eternal Silence sculpture, pictured here in 1977. The black-and-white image shows a hooded sculpture set against a slab of black granite. Image: ST-40001541-0009, Chicago Sun-Times collection, Chicago History Museum
An eerie sculpture near the grave of an early Chicago settler at Graceland Cemetery comes with a spooky legend.