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Tom Wolfe
Tom Wolfe, who wrote The Right Stuff and Bonfire of the Vanities and gave us the terms "'Me' decade" and "radical chic," died yesterday at the age of 88. Watch him discuss his trademark white suit and the similarities between counterculture and evangelicalism in this archival interview.
Nicola Walker as DCI Cassie Stuart and Sanjeev Bhaskar as DS Sunny Khan in Unforgotten. Photo: John Rogers/Mainstreet Pictures
The prime suspects in the murder of David Walker seem to have watertight alibis despite the possibility of motives, but Cassie eventually has a breakthrough and an investigation of childhoods leads to an answer. Recap the finale of this season of Unforgotten.
Photo: Chicago Botanic Photos
"Bonsai" literally translates to "planted in a container," but the Japanese art form is much more complicated than that. The Chicago Botanic Garden's bonsai curator explains how you train a tree, the goals and some basic tenets of bonsai, and shows some of his favorites.
Louisa May Alcott. Photo: Orchard House
Louisa May Alcott may be best-known for her classic Little Women, but she also wrote racy potboilers in which women transgress societal norms under a pseudonym that wasn't traced to her until decades after death, as well as children's fables and moralisti young adult books.
Brandis Friedman at Sun Wah BBQ
She's not just a Chicago Tonight correspondent – Brandis Friedman has also been a beauty and lifestyle writer, considered becoming a professional dancer, and loves eating out. Go behind the scenes with her while she shoots a story and learn why she became a journalist.
Jonah Hauer-King as Laurie in Little Women. Photo: MASTERPIECE on PBS, BBC and Playground
PBS loves books. From Masterpiece adaptations of classic novels to documentaries about authors, literature plays a big role in our programming. As we celebrate reading with The Great American Read, discover which of America's favorite novels, plus some other worthy books, can be seen on TV.
Nicola Walker as DCI Cassie Stuart and Sanjeev Bhaskar as DS Sunny Khan. Photo: John Rogers/Mainstreet Pictures
Cassie and Sunny begin to uncover traumas and transgressions in the pasts of nearly everyone connected with their cold case, including the victim. David Walker had a dark life, and a new revelation against him soon transforms the entire investigation.
Call the Midwife. Photo: Neal Street Productions
The midwives try to cope with a loss but can't get too wrapped up in their grief as another maternity clinic has closed and referred all its patients. One young mother is challenged to accept an unconventional living situation with her widowed father, and Monica Joan celebrates a birthday.
The Great American Read. Photo by Darwin Vegher on Unsplash
PBS's The Great American Read has created a list of America's 100 most-loved novels, ranging from classics to sci-fi to romance to humor. See how many you've read, before the series premieres and voting on America's favorite book opens on May 22.
Nero Wolfe on RAI
On the international news, drama, and mystery channel MHz Worldview, now presented by WTTW, you can find a wealth of European noir and crime shows, from an HBO production set in Poland to an Italian adaptation of classic mysteries to a continent-spanning series based on Europol.
The Chinese Exclusion Act; Little Women; National Memorial Day Concert. Photos: Royal BC Museum; MASTERPIECE on PBS, BBC and Playground; Capital Concerts
This month, travel through Southeast Asia with a familiar host, celebrate reading with an adaptation of a classic novel and a book-centric special, learn about a shameful chapter of American history, honor Memorial Day, and meet a Chicagoan who has changed his many students' lives.
Mister Rogers
On May 1, 1969, 49 years ago today, Fred Rogers managed to convince the cynical politicians of Washington to prevent funding cuts to public media through his direct, deeply convincing testimony. Watch it here.
Nicola Walker as DCI Cassie Stuart and Sanjeev Bhaskar as DS Sunny Khan in Unforgotten. Photo: John Rogers/Mainstreet Pictures
When a suitcase containing a body is found in a river, Cassie and Sunny begin to investigate who the corpse belongs to, and who might have murdered them. With the help of a wristwatch and a pager, they discover the identity and begin to find people connected to the victim.
Lucille Anderson and Valerie Dyer in Call the Midwife. Photo: Neal Street Productions
Barbara is put into isolation as the hospital tries to address her dire illness. Lucille wrestles with whether to try to fit in with the English or join a West Indian church that reminds her of home. Dr. Turner helps a young man in prison who reminds him of his own son.
Youn Sun Nah, Esperanza Spalding, and Chucho Valdés, and others at International Jazz Day in Havana, Cuba. Photo: Steve Mundinger
Every April 30 for the past six years, some of the world's finest jazz musicians have gathered from around the globe to make music together in celebration of International Jazz Day. Meet some of the performers from last year's concert in Havana, which will be broadcast April 27.