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WTTW's John Callaway interviews the 'New Yorker' writer Jane Kramer in 1978
New Yorker writer Jane Kramer discusses the myth of the American West, the rise of big agribusiness and its effect on both traditional ranching and cows, and what bringing her daughter along on her reporting could do, in this 1978 interview from the WTTW archives. 
DJ Ayana Contreras at the AESOP DJ Booth at the 95th St. Red Line Station
Commuters at the 95th Red Line Station pay their fares to an unusual soundtrack: music from a DJ booth. Called AESOP, the booth is a public art installation by Theaster Gates meant to enliven commutes. Two of the booth's DJs share some of their favorite tracks to spin. 
Geoffrey Baer riding a CTA heritage train in Chicago by 'L.' Photo: Kristan Lieb
March brings an all-new Geoffrey Baer special exploring Chicago one stop at a time via the 'L,' as well as a new season of Call the Midwife, a new culinary show from Vivian Howard, a documentary about public housing in Atlanta, and more. 
Monteverde's Sarah Grueneberg, seen her with her 2017 James Beard Award for Best Chef: Great Lakes, is up for Outstanding Chef
The semifinalists for the James Beard Awards, the Oscars of the food industry, have been announced, and, as usual, Chicago is well-represented on the list. Find all the Chicago semifinalists here, as well as times they have been featured by WTTW.
The CTA Green Line at 51st Street. Photo: Cragin Spring/Wikimedia Commons
If weekend closures of Red Line stations are an inconvenience, comfort yourself with the thought that it could be worse. More than 25 years ago, the Green Line—like the Red Line today—needed maintenance and modernizing. Back then, the CTA shut down the whole line—for more than two years.
Hazel Johnson with Vice President Al Gore at the White House
Hazel Johnson described her Southeast Side community as existing within a "toxic donut," surrounded by landfills, industrial facilities, incinerators, and more. Her activism on behalf of marginalized communities led her to the White House and the title of the "mother of environmental justice."
Vienna Blood. Photo: Petro Domenigg/2019 Endor Productions/MR Film
As Max and Oskar continue to investigate the ruthless traditions of St. Florian's, both of their professional prospects are put in jeopardy. Both also try to grapple with their complicated personal relationships, in the finale of Vienna Blood
Charlotte Heywood and Sidney Parker in Sanditon. Photo: Simon Ridgway/Red Planet Pictures /ITV 2019
In the finale of Sanditon, everything nears a happy ending as the midsummer ball approaches and Tom's plans for the town begin to bear fruit. Charlotte and Sidney try to figure out where they stand in their relationship, as do Esther and Lord Babington. 
A slice of Imani's Original bean pie, with a cream cheese-frosted slice in the background
Imani Muhammad bakes pies with an unexpected filling: navy beans. Bean pie is a dessert important to African American Muslims, but it’s hard to find, even in Chicago, which houses the headquarters of the Nation of Islam.
Daniel Liebermann in Vienna Blood. Photo: Petro Domenigg/2019 Endor Productions/MR Film
Max's nephew, a student at an illustrious military academy attended by the sons of Austria's elite, has been traumatized by events at the school, possibly involving the apparently accidental death of a fellow student. Max and Oskar investigate. 
Sidney Parker in Sanditon. Photo: Red Planet Pictures/ITV 2019
Sidney finds himself confused in what he wants by the return of an old acquaintance as Sanditon's regatta takes place. An unexpected turn of events drastically alters the relationships between Esther, Edward, and Clara. 
Brochures advertising events organized by Vivian Harsh at the Hall Branch of the Chicago Public Library
Vivian Harsh helped make Bronzeville's library a center for African American writers and intellectuals, hosting speakers such as Gwendolyn Brooks and Zora Neale Hurston and amassing a collection of books and manuscripts by the likes of Langston Hughes and Richard Wright.
A detail of the bas relief adorning the facade of the National Cambodian Heritage Museum & Killing Fields Memorial. Photo: Courtesy National Cambodian Heritage Museum
At Chicago's National Cambodian Heritage Museum, which is unique in the United States, exhibits and a memorial help honor victims of the Cambodian genocide and educate younger generations, while cultural classes help those generations connect across a traumatic divide.
Oskar and Max in Vienna Blood. Photo: Petro Domenigg/2019 Endor Productions/MR Film
Max and Oskar continue to search for a killer terrorizing Vienna's outsiders and immigrants, eventually discerning a complex pattern in the murders. Clara puts herself in great danger to try to help Max with the investigation. 
Charlotte and Sidney dance at a ball in Sanditon. Photo: Red Planet Pictures/ITV 2019
Sidney and Charlotte are once again thrown together as they both try to rescue Georgiana after her disappearance. The experience leads Sidney to re-evaluate his approach to life. Meanwhile, Edward and Clara vie for Lady Denham's estate. 
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