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Nicholas Crayton from WTTW's FIRSTHAND: Life After Prison
Thousands of restrictive laws govern people who have been released from prison in the United States, making it difficult for them to find housing, employment, and to restart life after they have done their time, as WTTW's FIRSTHAND: Life After Prison explores. The producer of the documentaries spoke about the project. 
Max, Therese, and Oskar watch a film premiere in Vienna Blood
Max and Oskar witness the death of the star of a film at its premiere, and quickly begin investigating it as a murder. Soon, another actress, a fanatical admirer, and an American senator are all involved in the case.
Eliza and William in season 3 of Miss Scarlet and the Duke
Eliza is upset that William is seeing Arabella, but she needs his help as she tries to claim an inheritance for an unknown heir and thus receive a sizable fee that could change her business prospects.
Mrs. Hall
Mrs. Hall is set to meet—and reckon with—her estranged son, Edward. Siegfried takes charge of an eager young boy and shows him the work of a veterinarian while Tristan takes over housework, and Helen tries to engage with her own sister. 
Lee Bey in front of Chicago Vocational High School
"This is a city that does pay attention to its architecture, but often the architecture of the South Side is ignored,” says Lee Bey, the host of a new documentary exploring the architecture of the South Side.
Chef Christian Hunter
Christian Hunter is the executive chef at Atelier, the new restaurant replacing Elizabeth in Lincoln Square, a tiny spot that Iliana Regan made famous for her local, foraged food. Hunter's approach to food is similar in its adherence to local products.
Jessye Norman
Black History Month brings a myriad of engaging programs that tell the stories of Black history, arts, culture, and more.
A dingo
Nature examines the wild relatives of man's best friend in a miniseries, NOVA takes you behind the scenes of a new subway line's construction in London, plus a celebration of Black Broadway and a history of Monopoly.
(Image: WTTW News)
Plenty of news came out of Springfield and Chicago’s City Hall in January. Did you keep up with the headlines? Take our January news quiz.
Clara and Max in Vienna Blood season 3
Max enlists Clara to write a story to help with a case, turning also to his father and sister to play a role as he and Oskar set a trap for a burglar searching for hidden treasure who may also be a murderer.
Mrs. Hall and Gerald on a walk
Gerald is growing increasingly fond of Mrs. Hall, while Tristan is embarking upon his own relationship. James is beginning to be overwhelmed by tuberculosis testing, and is feeling the pull of military duty, to Helen's fear. 
Fitzroy and Phelps in Miss Scarlet and the Duke
With William out of town, Fitzroy turns to Eliza for help when he sees Phelps plant a stolen watch on someone. Eliza's investigation wraps her up in a gang war and internecine disagreements within a crime family. 
Chuck D
Hip-hop turns fifty this year. A history professor and advisor to the new documentary series Fight the Power: How Hip-Hop Changed the World discusses the music's context and impact. "Hip-hop is still here because it has had this transformative impact on the way youth engage with the world around them," he says.
Pounding rice in a mortar called an usu.
The Japanese snack mochi is traditionally made at the New Year by pounding rice with mallets until it becomes perfectly smooth and wondrously chewy. We documented the process at the Japanese American Service Committee.
Mona Sang at her restaurant Khmai Fine Dining
The semifinalists for the James Beard Awards, one of the food industry's biggest recognitions in America, have been announced. Chicago has eleven nominees amongst them, four fewer than last year.