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Cilla and Pardeep Singh in Call the Midwife. Photo: BBC/Neal Street Productions
Cilla Singh and Enid Wilson are both pregnant, but in very different circumstances. They do have one connection, however: Cilla is Enid’s daughter.
Sunny (Sanjeev Bhaskar) and Cassie (Nicola Walker) in Unforgotten. Photo: Mainstreet Pictures for ITV and MASTERPIECE
Cassie and Sunny are briefed on the original investigation into Hayley's disappearance as the media descends on Middenham. A friend of Hayley's comes forward with some some information she never shared that leads the detectives to four old friends. 
Jean Valjean (Dominic West) and Javert (David Oyelowo) in Les Miserables. Photo: Robert Viglasky / Lookout Point
A prisoner serving nineteen years for stealing a loaf of bread finally gets out and faces a cruel, uncaring world. A poor young seamstress falls in love with a wealthy gentleman who showers her with gifts. And a soldier is shut out of his son's life.
Violet Buckle in Call the Midwife. Photo: BBC/Neal Street Productions
Violet takes to her new role with gusto while one of her newest constituents anxiously worries over every little thing that happens to her infant daughter. Another mother is more than ready for her sixth child, but he proves to be more difficult than her others. 
A Pulitzer Prize medal
Over the 102 years that the Pulitzer Prize has been awarded, four distinct Chicago newspapers have won, for a total of 47 Prizes. Explore the journalism winners, from someone who received a Prize posthumously to the only person to receive two Pulitzers at a Chicago paper.
Sanjeev Bhaskar as DI Sunny Khan and Nicola Walker as DCI Cassie Stuart in Unforgotten. Photo: Mainstreet Pictures for ITV and MASTERPIECE
Sunny and Cassie work to identify a skeleton discovered off the side of an isolated British roadway, slowly narrowing down a time window for who the victim might be. 
Alison and Alec Wilson. Photo: WP Films Ltd., Steffan Hill
As Alison Wilson continues to learn more about the fictions of her deceased husband, she loses track of what and who to believe. What was Alec's life actually like, how can she ever maintain faith in him – and how much should she tell her sons? 
The Aidoo family in Call the Midwife.Photo: BBC/Neal Street Productions
A Ghanian immigrant family's bright future is complicated by a mysterious illness, and Lucille tries to help an old hoarder with an impressive past clean up her life. Meanwhile, Violet runs for town council and Fred fails to be supportive. 
Gordon, Alison, and Nigel Wilson at Alec Wilson's burial. Photo: WP Films Ltd., Steffan Hill
When a woman shows up at Alison Wilson's door claiming to be the wife of Alison's husband after his death, Alison begins to investigate the life of the man with whom she spent twenty years of her life. Turns out he didn't just write fictions as a novelist and spy; he lived them. 
Shelagh and Miss Higgins in Call the Midwife. Photo: BBC/Neal Street Productions
Two new nuns, one experienced and one freshly commissioned, arrive at Nonnatus House. New equipment triggers a delusional episode in Sister Monica Joan, Valerie deals with a crisis with legal complications, and a mother carries twins.
Ruby-throated hummingbird (Archilochus colubris) seems to stop in mid-air as it approaches a flower. Corpus Christi, TX. Photo: Ann Johnson Prum/ © THIRTEEN Productions LLC
Spring brings not just nice weather but new shows, returning favorites, and more! From a magisterial new Henry Louis Gates, Jr. survey to a three-night live Nature event to a stunning epic historical drama, there's a lot to catch in April!
The 1963 boycott and march against segregation in Chicago Public Schools. Photo: Kartemquin Films
In 1963, some 225,000 students, or 47%, were absent from Chicago Public Schools in a boycott protesting segregation, the culmination of several years of protests against the school board's failure to address the needs of black students – including one in which a young Bernie Sanders was arrested.
Martina Laird (Cassius) and Harriet Walter (Brutus) in Julius Caesar. Photo: Helen Maybanks
Phyllida Lloyd's production of Julius Caesar, which you can watch through Great Performances, takes place in a women's prison, with women playing all the roles. We discussed the production, the effectiveness of the setting, and the gender casting with a Shakespeare scholar. 
A James Beard Award
This year's finalists for the James Beard Awards, often called the Oscars of Food, have been announced. As usual, Chicago has its fair share of nominees: fourteen, in eight distinct categories, plus two more for cookbooks. Find the list, plus reviews, interviews, and recipes from the finalists here.
The White Rabbits at work on the World’s Columbian Exposition. Photo in the public domain
Even prominent female groundbreakers are rarely recognized – there are approximately 40 figurative statues of men in Chicago but only two of women – so what about equally important pioneers who have been forgotten, from activists to literary figures to businesswomen?
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