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Chicago Time Machine

Premieres Tuesday, December 3 at 7:30 pm on WTTW (see the complete broadcast schedule

Imagine that you could spend a day traveling through time with Geoffrey Baer using his recently discovered time machine. Where would he take you? And, more importantly, when? In previous specials, Geoffrey has shown us Chicago from a car, a boat, an L train, a bicycle, and on foot. But in this new special, Chicago Time Machine with Geoffrey Baer, WTTW’s intrepid tour guide takes us on a journey through our region’s rich history via a brand new vehicle. Aided by archival film and photographs, innovative special effects, and a found “time machine,” Geoffrey gives us a unique view of incredible moments of the past that happened in seemingly ordinary places that many of us frequent every day. It is Chicago as you’ve never seen it before.

Watch a preview of Chicago Time Machine with Geoffrey Baer below: