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Remembering Chicago: The '70s and '80s

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Remembering Chicago: The '70s and '80s

Remembering Chicago in the ’70s and ’80s… It’s remembering that the ’60s were over and that the party and the revolution had moved on, but that new and wonderful things were possible even if everyone thought they were happening at the local mall.

It’s remembering feeling like the first Mayor Daley would be mayor forever. But that soon enough a woman would be mayor when a storm shut down the city. It’s remembering the election of the first African-American Mayor of Chicago and that power is never yielded without a fight.

It’s remembering how the Loop changed from hopping to barren after 6 pm and when the tallest building in the world went up (not to mention the guy called “Spider Dan” scaling it.

It’s remembering Chicago’s arena rock heroes, punk rock heroes, a pack of homegrown artists, and a rookie, soon-to-be superstar named Michael Jordan. Finally, it’s remembering the colorful cast of heroes in sweatbands who would bring the legendary 1985 Super Bowl championship title home to our beloved “City of Big Shoulders.”