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James Beard. Photo: Reed College

Chicago Chefs on the Influence of James Beard

Daniel Hautzinger

The American Masters documentary James Beard: America's First Foodie explores the life of one of the most important figures in America's culinary revolution. A James Beard Award winner and nominee share Beard's influence on them and their favorite Beard recipe.
James Beard, America's First Foodie. Photo: Dan Wynn

James Beard: America's First Foodie

Daniel Hautzinger

Enjoy recipes and witty quotes from James Beard: a pioneer of American cuisine and farm-to-table cooking, an influential teacher and cookbook author, the host of the first nationally televised cooking show, and a jovial, insatiable gourmand.
Patsy Cline. (Courtesy of Universal Music Enterprises)

How Well Do You Know Patsy Cline?

Daniel Hautzinger

A new American Masters documentary explores the life and influence of Patsy Cline, one of country's biggest stars despite her brief career. 
Maya Angelou, circa late 70s, early 80s. (Courtesy of Getty)

"Her Life is History": The Universality of Maya Angelou

Daniel Hautzinger

Maya Angelou was beyond prolific, and her life touched on many of the most significant people and events of the twentieth century. The creators of a film about the great woman discuss the difficulty of capturing her multi-faceted life on film, why they admire her, and what she was like.
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