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A Delicious 15-Minute Recipe from a New Chinese Cookbook Published by 'America's Test Kitchen'

Daniel Hautzinger

Cold Sesame Noodles are one of the simplest dishes in America's Test Kitchen's new A Very Chinese Cookbook, but also "one of the most delicious," says its author Kevin Pang, a Wilmette resident and former Chicago Tribune writer. 

How a Father and Son Bonded Through Food and Wrote a Chinese Cookbook Together

Daniel Hautzinger

Wilmette resident Kevin Pang and his father Jeffrey used to interact mainly via small talk or arguments. Now they have grown closer via food, hosting a YouTube series and writing A Very Chinese Cookbook together under the aegis of America's Test Kitchen.

A Fast Weeknight Meal of Chinese Stir-Fried Tomatoes and Eggs

Daniel Hautzinger

Tomatoes and eggs are a classic combination in many Chinese home kitchens, and it's no mystery why. The stir-fry comes together quickly and packs aromatics and sweetness into a filling meal. Try a recipe for it from America's Test Kitchen.

Swedish Cinnamon Buns with a Cardamom-Spiced Dough from 'America's Test Kitchen'

Daniel Hautzinger

As the end of year Swedish holiday St. Lucia's Day approaches, try a not-too-sweet, nuanced Swedish cinnamon bun whose dough is spiced with cardamom. This America's Test Kitchen version of the recipe utilizes a technique from East Asia that keeps the dough moist and light but not sticky.

An Updated Beef Wellington Recipe from 'America's Test Kitchen'

Daniel Hautzinger

A Beef Wellington is a great dish for the holidays: impressive as the centerpiece of a feast, filling and able to sate plenty of people, involved in a fun way, and an uncommon dish—when's the last time you ate it? Plus, you don't have to do it all in one day.

Elle Simone Scott of America’s Test Kitchen Offers Tips on Styling a Board for Your Next Gathering–Or Even Just Dinner

Meredith Francis

Executive editor Elle Simone Scott of America's Test Kitchen recently visited WTTW for a demonstration on how to elevate boards. She discusses the new cookbook and offers tips on how to make charceuterie, crudites, and other creative boards for your next gathering—or even just for a family dinner.

'America's Test Kitchen' Is Searching for Their Next Cast Member in a New Show

Daniel Hautzinger

America's Test Kitchen is launching a new competition show to search for its newest cast member on its long-running public media TV show. America's Test Kitchen: The Next Generation is coming in early 2023.

A Cranberry Curd Tart for Any Holiday

Daniel Hautzinger

Cranberries aren't just for Thanksgiving, especially when they come in the form of a stunning red tart with an almond crust from America's Test Kitchen.

Buttermilk Panna Cotta from 'America's Test Kitchen'

Daniel Hautzinger

What's better than a dessert that requires almost no effort? The biggest thing this recipe for a bright buttermilk vanilla panna cotta from America's Test Kitchen asks is some extra space in the fridge and a few hours. 

Try Pastitsio, a Greek Casserole, from 'America's Test Kitchen'

Daniel Hautzinger

Try America's Test Kitchen's take on the Greek casserole, which consists of pasta in a béchamel along with a tomatoey meat sauce.

A French Breakfast to Liven Up Your Mornings

Daniel Hautzinger

Try a Breton classic from northern France, courtesy a perfected recipe from America's Test Kitchen: the galette complete, a buckwheat crepe filled with ham and cheese and topped with an egg. It's like a croque madame in crepe form.

The New Editor in Chief of 'Cook's Country' Wants to Tell Unheard Stories Through Food

Daniel Hautzinger

“It is my vision that we use food and recipes and cooking as tools to end the divide between us and to create more room at the long table of food history,” says Toni Tipton-Martin.

Tips for a Scaled-Down Thanksgiving with 'America's Test Kitchen'

Daniel Hautzinger

For your scaled-down Thanksgiving meal, try a one-pan dish that lets you cook both turkey breast and your stuffing without drying it out too much, courtesy of Cook's Country and America's Test Kitchen.

Practice Your Cooking Skills with 'America's Test Kitchen' at Home

Daniel Hautzinger

With shelter-in-place orders still effective, there's no better time to learn to be a better cook—and America's Test Kitchen is here to help.

Beginning Monday, May 18, they're launching ATK 10-Minute Cooking Boot Camp to teach you kitchen skills. Every day will feature a different cast member teaching a new lesson from their own home kitchen. The first week will cover basic training, while week two will go into advanced training. Knife skills, sauces, bread baking, chocolate—there's plenty for any cook to learn. 

Here's the schedule for Week 1:

Help Your Kids Learn to Cook with the New Kitchen Classroom from 'America's Test Kitchen'

Daniel Hautzinger

America's Test Kitchen has launched a new, free "Kitchen Classroom," with daily recipes and food-related activities and quizzes to keep you and your children occupied and learning while schools are closed.
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