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Angel Idowu, the JCS Fund of the DuPage Foundation Arts Correspondent for 'Chicago Tonight'

Meet the Newest 'Chicago Tonight' Correspondent

Daniel Hautzinger

Angel Idowu is a Chicago native who is excited to return home after farflung journalistic assignments. “When I wasn’t living in Chicago, every time I heard someone say Chicago or saw an Illinois license plate I would get excited," she says.

Eduardo Arocho: Planting a Flag for Puerto Ricans


Community leaders are working hard to foster investment and stability in Humboldt Park, cementing and celebrating the neighborhood’s Puerto Rican identity in a way that welcomes visitors and newcomers but also helps long-time, local residents stay and benefit from the increasingly prosperous environment.

Raul Raymundo


Few people have played a larger role in Pilsen’s transformation during the past 27 years than Raul Raymundo, CEO of The Resurrection Project. He is now expanding his organization’s model to other neighborhoods, while he continues to struggle to preserve Pilsen’s identity and affordability.

Jeff Maldonado

Justin Henderson

Jeff Maldonado, a longtime Pilsen muralist, turned his personal tragedy into art and opportunity for others through the creation of the J-Def Peace Project.

Pilsen Murals Blend Art and Activism

Justin Henderson

Pilsen’s buildings, alleyways, and even doors are places where artists express their roots, their values, and their opposition to injustice.

Ciera Mckissick

Justin Henderson

In January 2017, Ciera Mckissick opened a small gallery and arts incubator on the east side of Pilsen. She’s not from Pilsen, but says she has long been inspired by its art and its people. She is one of a growing number of newcomers attracted to the neighborhood.

Hector Duarte

Justin Henderson

Hector Duarte’s vibrant, provocative murals reflect the experiences and dreams of immigrants like himself. He grew up in Michoacán, Mexico, but has long made the Pilsen neighborhood his home, and its streets his canvas.

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