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Black Entrepreneurs

Meet Three Black Entrepreneurs in Chicago

Daniel Hautzinger

Chicago has long been a center of African American business, from Johnson Publishing Co. to the hair-care company Johnson Products. Meet three black entrepreneurs of a younger generation, who have utilized digital savvy to grow their businesses.

The Black- and Woman-Led Success of a Chicago Ice Cream Company

Daniel Hautzinger

Baldwin Ice Cream began as a parlor opened by seven African American postal workers on the South Side and eventually grew to offering ice cream in major Midwestern grocery stores and at O'Hare, thanks in part to Jolyn Robichaux, its president for more than two decades.

How Tom Burrell Convinced Corporations That "Black People Are Not Dark-Skinned White People"

Daniel Hautzinger

In 1961, Tom Burrell became the first African American to work in a Chicago advertising agency—in the mailroom. Within a decade, he had started his own agency, which became a pioneer of targeted advertising, incorporating black culture and positive images of black people into commercials.
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