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Meet the “Willa Wonka” of the South Side, Who Creates Nostalgic Cakes, Candies, and Jobs

Daniel Hautzinger

Stephanie Hart of Brown Sugar Bakery bought the Cupid Candies factory to produce chocolates and keep jobs in her community. "The better the places are to work, the better the community is going to be,” she says.  

The Chicagoan Credited with Popularizing Caramels in America

Meredith Francis

A German-born Chicagoan by the name of Charles Gunther has an eclectic description: he was a Chicago alderman, a confectioner, and an avid collector. He is credited with bringing caramels to America, and he’s also to thank for some of the early collections at the Chicago History Museum. 

Recovering a Beloved Chicago Candy and the Story of the Family Business Behind It

Daniel Hautzinger

Lanzi Candy's Cashew Nut and Rice Crunch was once sold internationally and on American Airlines, all while made out of a small family-owned factory in Chicago. A documentary follows the business's story and a quest to recreate its most popular treat.
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