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Playlist Chicago Botanic Garden

Chicago Botanic Garden

Tour a wintry Chicago – made out of nuts, twigs, bark, and mushrooms!

Daniel Hautzinger

Imagine Chicago transformed into a festive forest fairyland, and you have the Chicago Botanic Garden's holiday Wonderland Express. Over 80 landmarks are constructed completely out of natural materials, from bark to gourds. Take a magical video tour here.

Telling a Story of a Tree's Life Through Bonsai

Daniel Hautzinger

"Bonsai" literally translates to "planted in a container," but the Japanese art form is much more complicated than that. The Chicago Botanic Garden's bonsai curator explains how you train a tree, the goals and some basic tenets of bonsai, and shows some of his favorites.


Daniel Hautzinger

Orchids drive people mad, from wealthy Victorian collectors to one of the most important scientists of the last few centuries. A horticulturist from the Chicago Botanic Garden explains what makes orchids unique and attempts to tease out our obsession with them.
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