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The Harlem Globetrotters

The Harlem (Actually Chicago) Globetrotters

Daniel Hautzinger

The name is deceiving: they're not from Harlem, and they definitely didn't travel the globe at first. The Harlem Globetrotters were founded in Chicago by five high school stars and a short Jewish man, and originally played in small town gyms outside the city.
Bessie Coleman

The First Female African American Pilot

Daniel Hautzinger

Only eighteen years after the Wright brothers' first flight, Bessie Coleman overcame both racism and sexism to become the first African American woman to earn a pilot's license, with the help of the Chicago Defender. But her high-flying career was cut tragically short. 
Marshall Field's Christmas Windows with Uncle Mistletoe

From the Archive: Marshall Field's Christmas Windows

Daniel Hautzinger

They have been a tradition in Chicago for over one hundred years, and seemingly everyone has fond memories of going to see them. See some of your favorite Christmas windows and learn how they're put together in this episode of Chicago Stories from 2000.
Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold. Photo: Courtesy of Bettmann/CORBIS

The (Im)Perfect Crime

Daniel Hautzinger

Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb were brilliant students from affluent, respected families who had everything going for them – so much so that they felt they had to prove their superiority by murdering a fourteen-year-old boy in the "crime of the century."
Our Lady of Guadalupe in Chicago

Chicago's First Mexican Church

Daniel Hautzinger

A century ago, Mexicans first began settling in Chicago as laborers in the steel mills, packinghouses, and on the railroads. One South Chicago community eventually opened the first Mexican church in the city, first in an old army barracks right before the Depression.
The unveiling of the Chicago Picasso. Photo: Courtesy DCASE

A "Colossal Booboo": The Incredible Story of the Chicago Picasso

Daniel Hautzinger

One of Chicago's most iconic emblems came out of an unlikely alliance between a gruff, conservative mayor and a sensuous, progressive artist. Through the mediation of a charming bon vivant architect, they changed the face of public art in America. 
The Race to Mackinac.

From the Archive: The Race to Mackinac

Daniel Hautzinger

Watch Geoffrey Baer take part in the oldest and longest freshwater sailboat race, as he joins the crew of the Radiance in a journey from Chicago to Mackinac Island. Along the way, discover iconic sights, hear Lake Michigan lore, and learn about the history of the race and region.
Riverview Park.

From the Archive: Riverview Park

Daniel Hautzinger

Riverview Park delighted Chicagoans for 64 summers, from 1904-1967. A massive parachute tower, beloved roller coasters, spooky fun houses, the world's largest carousel: relive them all in this Chicago Story about the beloved amusement park that used to stand at Belmont and Western.
The Edgewater Beach Hotel.

Magic by the Lake: The Edgewater Beach Hotel

Daniel Hautzinger

The Edgewater Beach Hotel played host to weddings, big bands, scandals, and celebrities like Nat King Cole and Bette Davis during its heyday. Experience some of the "Magic by the Lake" in this episode of Chicago Stories.
Chicago's 1933 World's Fair

A Break in the Clouds: Chicago's 1933 World's Fair

Daniel Hautzinger

84 years ago today, in the midst of the Great Depression, Chicago opened an extravagant World's Fair. The exposition celebrated "A Century of Progress" in the city and highlighted technological innovations such as the twelve-sided House of Tomorrow, which featured an electric dishwasher and air conditioning, and a Sky Ride that ferried visitors over the entire fair.

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