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More Than a Latte: Momentum Coffee Tries to Contribute to Development in Underserved Neighborhoods

Daniel Hautzinger

“We want to be a catalyst for development in these neighborhoods that have been abandoned for over 60 years now,” says the owner of Momentum Coffee, which has locations in under-resourced neighborhoods and offers training and mentorship programs.

Coffee, Pizza, Pastries, Pins: Francis Almeda Does It All, Uplifting Other Artists and Artisans Along the Way

Daniel Hautzinger

A few years ago, Francis Almeda opened a coffee shop dedicated to showcasing people's creative pursuits. Now he's a partner in everything from another coffee shop to a pizza business.

You Can Try Coffee from Its Birthplace at New Chicago Area Yemeni Coffee Shops

Daniel Hautzinger

Coffee as a beverage similar to what we drink today is first noted in Yemen. Now, a new wave of entrepreneurs from Dearborn, Michigan are spreading unique Yemeni coffee across the United States, including to the suburbs of Chicago.

The Owners of Monday Coffee Co. Want to Change the Way People Experience Mondays

Meredith Francis

Amanda Christine Harth and Felton Kizer love Mondays. They want their coffee company to be about high-quality beans, the experience of coffee, and making a safe space for others. 

A Little Village Couple Celebrates Their Heritage By Selling Mexican Coffee

Samantha Nelson

Alma and Cristóbal Mora founded Bueno Days to use their love of coffee to explore their Mexican heritage, selling beans sourced from Mexico and providing education alongside their coffee and inspired drinks such as horchata cold brew and a mole latte.
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