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Composite image of totality showing the corona during the 2015 eclipse in Svalbard with the magnetic field of the sun outlined in the coronal loops. Photo: Jay Pasachoff & Ron Dantowitz

Test Your Solar Eclipse Knowledge

Daniel Hautzinger

Did you watch the solar eclipse yesterday? Test your knowledge of the 2017 eclipse and general solar eclipse knowledge here, as you bask in the afterglow of the amazing event.
This image from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory shows the moon crossing in front of the sun. Photo: NASA/SDO

Watching the Eclipse Across America

Daniel Hautzinger

It's been almost four decades since the last one, and another won't happen until 2024: the first total solar eclipse to pass over the lower 48 states since 1979 is a big deal – you don't want to miss it. Find live feeds and other resources from PBS stations across the country.
A solar eclipse.

The Solar Eclipse: Unlike Anything Else in the Sky

Daniel Hautzinger

On August 21, the first total solar eclipse since 1979 that can be seen in the lower 48 states will cross America. In Chicago, we'll see 87% of the sun covered. The Adler Planetarium shares tips and fun facts about eclipse: "Pictures don't do it justice."
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