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A Recipe for Mushroom Toast from a Cookbook Raising Funds to Feed Chicago's Unhoused

Daniel Hautzinger

The Chicago Chefs Cookbook features recipes from 46 Chicago chefs, and its proceeds benefit Chi-Care, a nonprofit that brings meals to unhoused and hungry Chicagoans along other basic necessities. 

Feeding Those Within Reach: The Local Organization that Meets Unhoused Chicagoans Where They Are

Daniel Hautzinger

“We’re just trying to provide hope and dignity,” says Farhan Ahmed, a co-founder and president of Chi-Care, which brings restaurant meals and other basic necessities to unhoused Chicagoans and others in need where they live.

A New Series from Andrew Zimmern Looks to the Oceans to Feed More People During Climate Change

Daniel Hautzinger

The ocean “is where our solutions lie,” says Andrew Zimmern, and the new series Hope in the Water illustrates some of the possibilities of feeding more people from our oceans while also protecting the waters.

Chicago's 2024 James Beard Award Winner

Daniel Hautzinger

The winners for the American food industry's biggest awards have been announced, and Chicago has a single winner among them. The James Beard Awards were once again held in Chicago this year.

New ’90s-Themed Bar Featuring a Mountain Dew Cocktail Serves Up Millennial Nostalgia in Logan Square

Daniel Hautzinger

The James Beard Award-recognized chef Rodolfo Cuadros' The Basement is a cocktail lounge themed around Millennial nostalgia that features off-the-wall drinks and food from a wood-burning oven in Logan Square.

Are You Brave Enough to Try Cicada Cracker Jack or Egg Rolls? Chicago Chefs Have Cooked Up Crunchy Cicada Snacks

Maggie Hennessy

As cicadas have begun their emergence in Illinois this year, a couple of Chicago area chefs have cooked up some crunchy recipes – including one for Cicada Cracker Jack that you can make on your own – that celebrate the nutty, earthy flavors found in the insects.

“I Get to Slap My Boss”: The Wiener's Circle Serves Chicago Hot Dogs and Good-Hearted Insults

Kathleen Hinkel

Photographer Kathleen Hinkel visited The Wiener's Circle in May to capture the food, customers, and, of course, the colorful language of the employees steering the ship. 

Food Events to Explore in Chicago this June

Meredith Francis

Hot dogs, Greek food, strawberries, and wine take center stage at food festivals in Chicago and the suburbs this June. 

A Hyped Pop-Up Debuts a Po’ Boy and Natural Wine Restaurant on a Patio in Avondale

Daniel Hautzinger

The team behind the oyster-and-more pop-up Motorshucker is opening a restaurant on the patio of Avondale's Guild Row that will serve po' boys, soft serve, and natural wine during the warm season.

How Dovetail Brewery Uses Engineer-like Precision to Master Neglected Beers – While Serving Them in Unique Ways

Daniel Hautzinger

Dovetail Brewery makes styles of beer mostly ignored by other craft breweries – and serves them in unusual traditions discovered from around the world.

More Than a Latte: Momentum Coffee Tries to Contribute to Development in Underserved Neighborhoods

Daniel Hautzinger

“We want to be a catalyst for development in these neighborhoods that have been abandoned for over 60 years now,” says the owner of Momentum Coffee, which has locations in under-resourced neighborhoods and offers training and mentorship programs.

2024 Guide to Farmers Markets in the Chicago Suburbs

Meredith Francis

Explore our list of the 2024 farmers markets located in Chicago’s suburbs, many of which begin in May and June. 

Gathers Tea Bar Brings a “New-School” Approach to Boba with Handcrafted Drinks

Lisa Futterman

There are dozens of bubble tea bars in the Chicago area, but Gathers Tea Bar stands out for its high-quality ingredients and handcrafted drinks, many of which are brewed with precise specification to order. 

2024 Chicago Farmers Market Guide

Meredith Francis

The 2024 farmers market season is now under way, with more than two dozen neighborhood markets across Chicago offering fresh produce and a variety of other goods. Explore our list and a map to find one near you.

25 Years After Its Start in a Chicago Alley, Green City Market Continues to Connect Local, Sustainable Farms to More Chicagoans Than Ever

Daniel Hautzinger

“Everyone should have access to locally grown, sustainably produced food,” says the executive director of Green City Market, which has changed Chicago's food scene since its inception 25 years ago.

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