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The Race to Mackinac.

From the Archive: The Race to Mackinac

Daniel Hautzinger

Watch Geoffrey Baer take part in the oldest and longest freshwater sailboat race, as he joins the crew of the Radiance in a journey from Chicago to Mackinac Island. Along the way, discover iconic sights, hear Lake Michigan lore, and learn about the history of the race and region.
The Plaza de Cristo in Havana, Cuba. Photo: Brian Canelles

Take an Immersive Tour of Havana

Daniel Hautzinger

Our expansive Weekend in Havana website lets you explore Cuba's unique capital city. Plan a trip with a guided tour of the must-see highlights. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of Havana with 360 video. Explore the cars, cigars, cocktails, and dance of Cuba, and more.
Robert Adam's Sackler Library at Oxford. (Courtesy of ADAM Architecture)

Architect Robert Adam: A Place at the Table

Daniel Hautzinger

Explore the work and style of the 2017 Driehaus Prize-winning architect Robert Adam in WTTW's new documentary and website. Watch web-exclusive interviews, absorb Adam's striking buildings through photos, and learn more about the career of this modern traditionalist.
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