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The Staple Singers

"Respect Yourself": The Power of The Staple Singers

Daniel Hautzinger

The Staple Singers combined the Delta blues of Pops Staples' birthplace with the gospel of his adopted home in Chicago to become international stars and civil rights activists. Hear Bob Dylan and Harry Belafonte reminisice on the Staples and learn their history before Mavis headlines the Chicago Blues Fest.
The Chicago Gospel Music Festival. Photo: Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events

Chicago, The 'Vatican and Mecca' of Gospel Music

Daniel Hautzinger

Gospel music's "Father," and "Mother," "Queen" and "King," all made their career or were born in Chicago, where the soul-stirring music was first developed and popularized. Discover the development of gospel and its main players in Chicago on the weekend of the city's Gospel Music Festival
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