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A Q&A with the Producers of a New Documentary on Comiskey Park's Infamous Disco Demolition Night

Daniel Hautzinger

A new American Experience documentary examines the rise of disco and Comiskey Park's infamous Disco Demolition Night, which turned into a riot. We spoke to the filmmakers about disco and the seventies. 

A Look Back at an Important House Music DJ as the Chicago House Music Festival Hits

Daniel Hautzinger

Chicago native Steve "Silk" Hurley helped bring the Chicago-born genre of dance music known as house to the UK. House music's history is increasingly being recognized, with a landmark and the Chicago House Music Festival.

Chicago's Long-Running, Family Reunion-style House Music Picnic and Festival

Daniel Hautzinger

The Chosen Few Picnic and Festival has been bringing house music and a family reunion atmosphere to a South Side park for three decades, thanks to a set of DJs who helped popularize house music in the first place. The event, virtual this year, takes place July 3.
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