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"Ramadan is a Whole Way of Life": Breaking the Fast and Feeding Those in Need with the Muslim Practice of Iftar

Daniel Hautzinger

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims who are able fast during daylight, then break a fast at sundown with iftar, a meal that is often used to feed those in need as well. 

The Chicago Chef Trying to Reinvent Indian Food—and Serving a Rare Halal Tasting Menu

Daniel Hautzinger

“God bless the pioneers of the Indian community who brought Indian food [to the United States], but we’ve gotten settled into this greatest hits world,” says Zubair Mohajir, the chef behind the buzzy Wicker Park restaurant Wazwan. 

What is Halal Meat? The Story of One Chicago Halal Wholesaler

Daniel Hautzinger

Fatima Zabiha Foods was started by a Pakistani immigrant who realized that "halal" meat in the U.S. was ill-defined. He wanted meat that conformed to his expectations. Now Chicago is a leading provider of halal meat, and Fatima continues to grow.

Seven Prominent Sites That Illustrate Islam's History and Future in the Chicago Area

Daniel Hautzinger

The Chicago area has been a center of Muslim movements that catered to African Americans, such as the Nation of Islam, as well as a new home for Muslim immigrants from the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa, and other parts of the world.

An Interview with the Stars of 'The Great Muslim American Road Trip'

Daniel Hautzinger

Mona Haydar and Sebastian Robins, who take a Great Muslim American Road Trip on PBS this summer, had the experience of "learning about ourselves as Muslims in America, and the history of Muslims in America, just by virtue of being Muslim taking this trip."
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