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James Baldwin

James Baldwin on Chicago Tonight with John Callaway in 1985.

From the Archive: James Baldwin in Conversation with John Callaway

Daniel Hautzinger

Watch James Baldwin share his ever-incisive observations late in his life on Chicago Tonight in 1985. "When Americans say progress, they really mean how quickly, and to what extent, and how profoundly, a black person becomes white," Baldwin says.
James Baldwin in the crowd. March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, 28 August 1963, Washington. Photo: Dan Budnik

From the Archive: James Baldwin in Conversation with Studs Terkel

Daniel Hautzinger

"I want to be an honest man, and I want to be a good writer," James Baldwin tells Studs Terkel in this eloquent and incisive conversation from 1961. He achieved both, in his clear-eyed writing and speaking about America and race, as is brilliantly obvious here.
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