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Chocolate macaroons from Jeff & Jude's. Photo: Jeff & Jude's

Macaroons for Passover from "Jew-ish" Deli Jeff & Jude's

Daniel Hautzinger

Macaroons are a common treat during Passover, since they don't contain grain and are unleavened. Ursula Siker of the "Jew-ish" deli Jeff & Jude's shares her recipe as well as her love of Jewish delis and inspiraton behind her own. 
Mexican candy hamantashen from Masa Madre

A Hamantashen Recipe with a Mexican Twist from Masa Madre

Daniel Hautzinger

Chicago's Masa Madre combine their co-owners' Mexican and Jewish cultures in their baked goods, including in this recipe for hamantashen with Mexican candy flavors for Purim. 
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