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Lee Bey

Tour the Often Overlooked Architecture of Chicago's South Side in a New Documentary

Daniel Hautzinger

"This is a city that does pay attention to its architecture, but often the architecture of the South Side is ignored,” says Lee Bey, the host of a new documentary exploring the architecture of the South Side.

A Conversation with Architecture Critics Blair Kamin and Lee Bey on Their Upcoming Book

Daniel Hautzinger

The Pulitzer Prize-winning former Chicago Tribune architecture critic Blair Kamin has a new book out featuring photography by his one-time competitor Lee Bey, architecture critic of the Chicago Sun-Times. They discussed the book and equity in urban design and architecture.

The Bold Architecture of Chicago's Black Churches

Daniel Hautzinger

Discover some of Chicago's most architecturally extraordinary Black churches. "I think there's a conscious push to embrace the new," says architectural photographer and writer Lee Bey, "of throwing off the chains of the past."
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