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Cows Come Home on the Magnificent Mile. Photo: LaCour Images, courtesy of The Magnificent Mile Association

Cows Parade Once Again Through Downtown Chicago

Daniel Hautzinger

Twenty years ago, "Cows on Parade" generated boundless enthusiasm, extraordinary tourism, millions of dollars, innumerable imitation exhibitions, and endless bovine puns. Now some of the original cows are returning to the public eye to celebrate the twentieth anniversary. 
A sculptural panel of Aries by Eugene and Gwen Lux depicting Aries that originally decorated the facade of the McGraw-Hill Building and is now located in the Shops at North Bridge

The Complicated History of One of Michigan Avenue's Most Unusual Buildings

Daniel Hautzinger

The exterior of the McGraw-Hill Building on Michigan Avenue may look the same as it did when it was built in the twenties, but it underwent a controversial "façade-ectomy" after a battle between developers and preservationists – and it features sculptural panels by a neglected female artist.
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