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You Can Try Coffee from Its Birthplace at New Chicago Area Yemeni Coffee Shops

Daniel Hautzinger

Coffee as a beverage similar to what we drink today is first noted in Yemen. Now, a new wave of entrepreneurs from Dearborn, Michigan are spreading unique Yemeni coffee across the United States, including to the suburbs of Chicago.

Palestinian-American Cookbook Author Shares Her Story—And A Recipe for Bulgur Stuffed Peppers

Meredith Francis

Heifa Odeh, creator of the food blog Fufu's Kitchen, has a new cookbook out called Dine in Palestine, which has traditional dishes as well as Palestinian-inspired recipes with creative twists. She shares her story and her recipe for flafleh mahshi bil burghol, or bulgur stuffed peppers. 

Illinois's Only Tahini Manufacturer Loves His Product So Much He Drinks It

Daniel Hautzinger

Ayub Julany, the founder of Albaik Tahini in Arlington Heights, absolutely loves tahini, especially when it's fresh. “You know how some people love everything about peanut butter and they put peanut butter on everything?” he says. “That’s me with tahini."
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