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Playlist My Mother and Other Strangers

My Mother and Other Strangers

'My Mother and Other Strangers' Recap: Christmas Blues

Daniel Hautzinger

As the American militarymen prepare a party for the schoolchildren of Moybeg, unenviable situations cause Michael and Rose to be on edge. What should be a cheerful holiday ends up being disastrous and life-changing , in the finale of the show.

The Names and Places of 'My Mother and Other Strangers'

Daniel Hautzinger

My Mother and Other Strangers, which airs its finale this Sunday, July 16, at 7:00 pm, takes place in Northern Ireland in the fictional town of Moybeg. While the remote community may be made up, some of the places and names it references are grounded in reality. Take a mini tour of the windswept landscape of Northern Ireland and explore the legends and origins of the locations and names of My Mother and Other Strangers.

'My Mother and Other Strangers' Recap: Sorority Girls

Daniel Hautzinger

When Rose's younger sister comes to visit, she causes a stir in Moybeg. Michael thinks she's a loose cannon, Emma finds her a wordly aunt, and Rose a rival and confidant. Vera carries a tragic past but is eager to enliven her future with Captain Dreyfuss.

'My Mother and Other Strangers' Recap: Divine Retribution

Daniel Hautzinger

When tragedy strikes Moybeg, both Michael and Francis begin to believe that they are to blame, having caused it through their own lapses. Meanwhile, Rose's increasing distrust of her husband leads her into slowly deepening intimacy with Captain Dreyfuss.

'My Mother and Other Strangers' Recap: Eels and Justice for All

Daniel Hautzinger

When Francis is witness to a poaching case, he and the Coynes are drawn into the legal drama and Rose makes a surprising decision. Barney tries to endear himself to Emma but is overshadowed by a gentlemanly young medical student.

'My Mother and Other Strangers' Recap: Like Daughter, Like Mother

Daniel Hautzinger

The proximity of an American airbase to the small Irish town of Moybeg causes inevitable tension between the locals and airmen. It doesn't help that a dashing young lieutenant takes a liking to Emma Coyne, and that her mother is attracted to a Captain.
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