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11 (Give or Take) Beautiful and Notable Chicago Parks

Geoffrey Baer

Chicago's motto is "city in a garden," and there are plenty of beautiful, notable parks with some fascinating history to live up to that ideal, as Geoffrey Baer explores.

10 Science Shows to Stream from NOVA and Nature

Meredith Francis

Tap into your scientific side with shows from Nature and Nova with ten shows you can stream for free.

The Importance of Pollinators – And How You Can Help Them

Daniel Hautzinger

"There’s a frequently cited statistic that one in every three bites of food is brought to us by an animal pollinator." The Chicago Botanic Garden is celebrating pollinators over the summer. Learn from several experts about what you can do to help these vital species. 

The Inner Life of Man's Best Friend

Daniel Hautzinger

They may be our closest animal companions, but how much do we really know about them? Discover whether dogs dream, how intelligent they are, what their attachment to humans is, how well they understand us, and why they sometimes eat their own poop.

Helen Macdonald on the Wonderful, Optimistic World of Hawks

Daniel Hautzinger

Helen Macdonald turned to hawking for solace when her father died, chronicling her grief in the award-winning book H is for Hawk. Now she's training her first goshawk since then on Nature. She spoke to us about the meanings give to animals and more.

Meet Some Humans Who Develop Intimate Bonds with Animals

Daniel Hautzinger

Nature's program Animal Reunions examines the bonds that can form between animals and human caregivers, reuniting orphaned or rescued animals with the people who rehabilitated them. Learn about the work of some of these conservationists.

"The Thrill of Discovery": Henry Walter Bates's 'Amazon Adventure'

Daniel Hautzinger

The executive producer of a new IMAX film about a naturalist integral to the theory of evolution talks about Bates's contribution and the importance of science education and film's use in it.

The Majesty of Yosemite

Daniel Hautzinger

The Sierra Nevada mountains contain the earth's largest living trees, the tallest waterfall in North America, and striking stone monoliths. Nature explores the effects of climate change on this glorious landscape.

Thriving 'Urban Nature' in Three American Cities

Daniel Hautzinger

WTTW's new web series Urban Nature explores such stories as segregating squirrels, San Francisco's 'wild plan' for safe wildlife movement through the city, and the reclamation by nature of a deserted island near Manhattan.

The Secret Life of Animals: An Interview with a Producer of 'Spy in the Wild'

Daniel Hautzinger

Tonight at 8:00 pm, "Meet the Spies" in the finale of Spy in the Wild. We talked to series producer Philip Dalton about how the cameras can capture animals' most intimate behavior.

The Butterflies of the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum

Daniel Hautzinger

The Judy Istock Butterfly Haven houses roughly 1,000 butterflies of over forty different species from around the globe at any one time. Doug Taron manages them all.
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