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Chicken Bastilla

A Recipe for a Celebratory Moroccan Dish That Mixes Sweet and Savory

Daniel Hautzinger

Traditionally served at celebratory occasions such as weddings—or, perhaps, upset victories in the World Cup by the Moroccan national football team—the Moroccan dish chicken bastilla is an elaborate pie containing stewed chicken, eggs, and almond paste. Try a recipe from Chicago's Shokran restaurant.
Shokran Moroccan Restaurant

As Morocco Defies Expectations at the World Cup, Discover One of Chicago's Only Moroccan Restaurants

Daniel Hautzinger

Morocco won a group containing the second- and third-place finishers in the last World Cup and then defeated the heavyweight Spain in the first knockout round of the 2022 World Cup. Khalid Kamal, the owner of the Moroccan restaurant Shokran, is rooting from them from afar, along with his family back in Morocco.
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