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Carrot Cake with 'Lyla in the Loop'

Daniel Hautzinger

In the PBS Kids show Lyla in the Loop, Lyla and her family enjoy doing the carrot cake dance together – the perfect excuse to make a carrot cake with your kids and have fun at the same time! 

PBS Kids' Cheesy Popcorn for Family Movie Night

Daniel Hautzinger

Popcorn is the perfect recipe to try in the kitchen with your children as they test out their chef skills. And with a dairy-free option, this popcorn recipe is meant for everybody.

Flying Flapjacks from 'Donkey Hodie'

Daniel Hautzinger

This easy and fun recipe is a perfect introduction to measuring, mixing, and pouring to help your child gain confidence in their kitchen skills.

Teach Your Kid Math with Cupcakes

Daniel Hautzinger

As you bake and decorate a delicious honey cake in this activity from PBS KIDS, look for all the ways you use math.

A Kid-Friendly Fruitcake Recipe

Daniel Hautzinger

Fruitcake may be a polarizing holiday dish, but if you make it fresh at home with your children, it can become a memorable new tradition – and it's easily customizable in terms of what fruit and nuts you include in it.

A Puerto Rican Holiday Bread Pudding You Can Make with Your Kids

Daniel Hautzinger

In Puerto Rico, budín de pan or bread pudding is typically served during Nochebuena or Christmas Eve. This recipe from PBS KIDS' Jessica Martinez is adapted from her grandmother, who took out the traditional raisins in favor of making the budín like a pineapple upside-down cake.

'Arthur' Is Ending After 25 Years With the Characters Grown Up

Daniel Hautzinger

After 25 years on air, Arthur is coming to close with a finale that reveals the characters grown up and the future that awaits them, the culmination of a marathon of all 250+ episodes that have aired over the years on the longest-running kids' animated TV series. 

'Sesame Street' Is Debuting an Asian American Muppet

Daniel Hautzinger

The seven-year-old Korean American Muppet Ji-Young, who will officially debut on Thanksgiving, is Sesame Street's first Asian American Muppet. 

A New PBS Kids Series from a Veteran of 'Sesame Street'

Daniel Hautzinger

Sonia Manzano, who broke ground as one of the first Latino characters on national television by playing Maria on Sesame Street, is the creator of a new PBS Kids show produced by Fred Rogers Productions that focuses on a young girl's adventures in the Bronx. 

Behind the Scenes of the New Children's Puppet Show 'Donkey Hodie'

Daniel Hautzinger

“Everybody’s trying to do a lot of what Donkey does: be resilient and persevere through these very challenging times,” says an executive producer of Donkey Hodie, which was made by veterans of Sesame Street, Nature Cat, and Cyberchase in a WTTW studio.

A Sneak Peek at the New PBS KIDS Show 'Donkey Hodie'

Daniel Hautzinger

A new puppet series inspired by Mister Rogers is coming soon to WTTW and PBS KIDS, featuring both new and reimagined characters and songs from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.  

Michelle Obama Joins PBS KIDS For Weekly Story Times

Daniel Hautzinger

Beginning April 20, Michelle Obama will join PBS KIDS to read a children's book live on Facebook and YouTube in order to encourage reading while children are at home, in Mondays with Michelle Obama.

PBS KIDS Helps Encourage Healthy Habits in Kids

Daniel Hautzinger

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting shutdown can be difficult for parents and scary for children. PBS KIDS has a series of fun videos to teach kids healthy habits, featuring Daniel Tiger, Sid the Science Kid, and more!

What It's Like to Be the Executive Producer of PBS KIDS Shows

Daniel Hautzinger

A second season of Pinkalicious & Peterrific launches March 30, along with new games. Dorothea Gillima, the executive producer of the series as well as of Molly of Denali, discusses what her job entails and how the shows can keep kids occupied and learning while schools are closed.  

10 Games and Activities to Keep the Kids Busy

Meredith Francis

As schools close in Illinois and around the country and many people are hunkered down or working from home, we are looking for educational and entertaining things to do! PBS KIDS has games that will help keep your little ones occupied.
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