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Playlist Prime Suspect Tennison

Prime Suspect Tennison

'Prime Suspect: Tennison' Recap: Part 3

Daniel Hautzinger

Bradfield is sidelined from closing the investigation into Julie Ann Collins's murder by a chance to catch his rival Clifford Bentley in a heist. The Bentleys themselves are starting to get nervous. How does everything wrap up in the final part of Prime Suspect: Tennison?

'Prime Suspect: Tennison' Recap: Part 2

Daniel Hautzinger

Tennison's morality is pitted against her loyalty when a police raid is botched. The detectives are closing in on Julie Ann's killer, but not before hearing a tragic tale from her parents. The Bentleys' scheme continues, but complications are accumulating.

'Prime Suspect: Tennison' Recap: Part 1

Daniel Hautzinger

Jane Tennison is eager and avid, but her male superiors expect little from her except for her to do their dishes and serve them tea and biscuits. But one detective does recognize her abilities, and she is soon swept up in the investigation of a murder of a seventeen year-old girl.
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