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Muhammad Ali enjoying a spontaneous encounter with his fans in Detroit, MI. Circa 1977. Photo: Courtesy Michael Gaffney

What Muhammad Ali Means To Me - A Personal Reflection

Tim Russell

Muhammad Ali was the greatest; a symbol of a strong, unapologetically Black man; an example of how a person can grow and change. WTTW's Tim Russell reflects on his memories of Ali and the boxer's importance. 

Ten Documentaries and Ten Books on Race in America

Daniel Hautzinger

With America again in the midst of a public reckoning on race and racism, WTTW's head of community engagement, Tim Russell, was asked by a friend for recommendations on what to read and watch about race in America. Here are his lists.
Rev. William Barber II calls for justice for Lennon Lacy at a December 2014 rally. Photo: Peter Eversoll

WTTW Programming Addressing Race and Racism

Daniel Hautzinger

WTTW will broadcast and make available to stream a series of films and new specials focused on race in America following the murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, and the ensuing protests that erupted across the country.
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