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What is Halal Meat? The Story of One Chicago Halal Wholesaler

Daniel Hautzinger

Fatima Zabiha Foods was started by a Pakistani immigrant who realized that "halal" meat in the U.S. was ill-defined. He wanted meat that conformed to his expectations. Now Chicago is a leading provider of halal meat, and Fatima continues to grow.

The First Black Catholic Priest—a Candidate for Sainthood—and His Importance to Chicago

Daniel Hautzinger

Father Augustus Tolton escaped slavery in Missouri to become the first openly recognized Black Catholic priest, ministering in Quincy, Illinois and establishing the first standalone Black Catholic church in Chicago. While there are currently no African American saints, he is currently a candidate for sainthood.

Seven Prominent Sites That Illustrate Islam's History and Future in the Chicago Area

Daniel Hautzinger

The Chicago area has been a center of Muslim movements that catered to African Americans, such as the Nation of Islam, as well as a new home for Muslim immigrants from the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa, and other parts of the world.

"Everybody is Welcome": The Sikh Practice of Langar, a Free Meal Where Everyone is Equal

Daniel Hautzinger

After any service at a Sikh gurdwara, or temple, the free meal of langar is served. Anybody is welcome, and all of the work for the meal is voluntary, an expression of selfless service. Learn about langar and try a recipe commonly served for it. 

A Brief Introduction to Sikhism

Daniel Hautzinger

Sikhism is the world's fifth-largest religion, yet many Americans know little about it, and Sikhs have frequently found themselves the target of hate crimes. Learn more about Sikhs' beliefs, practices, and history in Chicagoland. 
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