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Donkey Hodie and Purple Panda in front of Panda's spaceship

Behind the Scenes of the New Children's Puppet Show 'Donkey Hodie'

Daniel Hautzinger

“Everybody’s trying to do a lot of what Donkey does: be resilient and persevere through these very challenging times,” says an executive producer of Donkey Hodie, which was made by veterans of Sesame Street, Nature Cat, and Cyberchase in a WTTW studio.
Donkey Hodie, Purple Panda, and Bob Dog. Image: Courtesy Fred Rogers Productions

A Sneak Peek at the New PBS KIDS Show 'Donkey Hodie'

Daniel Hautzinger

A new puppet series inspired by Mister Rogers is coming soon to WTTW and PBS KIDS, featuring both new and reimagined characters and songs from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.  
Purple Panda and Donkey Hodie. Photo: Fred Rogers Company

A New PBS KIDS Series Inspired by Characters From Mister Rogers Is Coming

Daniel Hautzinger

A new PBS KIDS show filmed at WTTW brings together Fred Rogers Productions and Spiffy Pictures, the team behind Nature Cat, and takes place in the land of Someplace Else from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.
David Rudman on the set of 'Jack's Big Music Show.' Photo: Courtesy Spiffy Pictures

The Path to Becoming a Puppeteer on Children's Shows

Daniel Hautzinger

David Rudman plays Cookie Monster on Sesame Street and has created numerous children's shows with his brother Adam and their production company. Hear the stories of David's obsession with puppets and the Rudmans' journey from short cartoons to full-length series.
Nature Cat. Image: Courtesy of Spiffy Pictures

The Story of 'Nature Cat'

Daniel Hautzinger

The PBS Kids show Nature Cat is produced in a small office park in a Chicago suburb by the four-person team of Spiffy Pictures. Explore the process of creating an animated children's show - it involves Skype and comedians from Saturday Night Live - and learn about the origins of Nature Cat.
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