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The Story of China

Altar Set, Qing dynasty, Jiaqing reign mark and period. Photo: Courtesy of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Chinese Masterpieces at the Art Institute of Chicago

Daniel Hautzinger

Tao Wang, head of Asian Art at the Art Institute of Chicago, reveals his favorite works in the museum's Chinese collection and the surprising stories behind them. He guides a tour through Chinese art history and discusses his upcoming large exhibition, his first since coming to the museum. 
Xi'an city walls. Photo: Mick Duffield

An Interview with the Makers of 'The Story of China'

Daniel Hautzinger

The Story of China explores 4,000 years of history of the world's oldest continous state. Host Michael Wood and producer Rebecca Dobbs discuss the massive undertaking, their experiences in the country, and their goals in the six-part series.
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