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Visual development for Bambi, 1942, in watercolor on paper. Image: Courtesy of Tyrus Wong

The People Who Bring Disney Films to Life

Daniel Hautzinger

Even though they're the ones who create what you see and love in Disney films, animators, designers, and art directors aren't household names. Discover the people responsible for Fantasia, Jafar, the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and more, and learn about their adventurous lives.
Tyrus Wong in his kite studio. Photo: Ildiko Lazslo

Famous Artists Who Also Happen to Be Living Centenarians

Daniel Hautzinger

The Chinese American artist Tyrus Wong, responsible for the artistic look of Bambi and subject of a new American Masters documentary, lived to be 106 years old. What famous artists born more than a century ago are still living – some even working – today?  
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