Your Towns

Your Towns

Which Towns Do YOU Think Changed America?

The towns featured in 10 Towns that Changed America are not the only ten towns that greatly influenced the American landscape, and how we live, work, and play. In fact, selecting just 10 towns was extremely challenging.

We invite you to share your own choices, and join the conversation about other towns that shaped (and continue to shape) American life.


“Harwich Middle School”

Submitted by Daniel Cataloni

This building was built in 1937 by the Public Works Administration during the FDR Presidency. The building was originally named the Harwich Intermidiate School until it was renamed Harwich Middle School. The building housed Grades 6-9, until the grading system changed it to Grades 5-8. The school was in operation from September 6,1937 to June 25,2014.

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