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Wild Chicago - Buy the DVD!

You asked for it – now we have it for you! The very best of the first two seasons of WTTW’s Wild Chicago hosted by Ben Hollis.

Remember when Chicago was a mysterious playground of sights, sounds, and citizens doing their thing, reveling in their eccentricity, reeling us in? Relive those memories today!

Say hello again to:

  • Maxworks hippie commune
  • Drag Racing on Elston Avenue
  • Chicago’s Best Lakefront Make-out Spot
  • Tiger Moves Man
  • Moo and Oink Meats
  • River Slim’s Live Fish
  • Lyn Duenow, the Skull Man of the North Shore
  • Margie's Candies
  • Sgt. Joe Kosala's Neighborhood
  • The old Greyhound Bus Station
  • Al-Mansoor Video Store on Devon Avenue

And many more. All driven by composer Roger Adler’s quirky-crazy music. (Roger also wrote our magnificent theme song. Can you hear it in your head right now?)

Plus special features:

  • The Original Pitch Tape that got it all started (1987)
  • The Pre-stardom Stephen Colbert appearance
  • Ben’s visit with Mayor Richard M. Daley (1992)
  • Audio commentaries with co-creators John Davies and Ben Hollis, composer Roger Adler and Chicago Tribune writer Rick Kogan