Window to The World Communications presents WYCC MHz Worldview beginning April 23, 2018

WYCC/MHz Worldview

WYCC to Broadcast MHz Worldview

WTTW announces that international news, drama and mystery channel MHz Worldview returns to Chicago over the air on channel 20.1, on Comcast channel 372 and RCN channel 57. Rescan your television to access this service! View MHz Worldview Schedule.

What is MHz Worldview?

MHz Worldview is a television service presenting international news, mystery and drama series. With a belief in promoting and illuminating world awareness, MHz Worldview delivers a wide range of world dynamics, showing all the world has to offer, direct from the source, without political or commercial confines. View MHz Worldview Schedule.

What is WYCC’s relationship to WTTW?

Window To The World Communications, Inc., parent organization of WTTW and now also of WYCC, announced on March 23, 2018 that as of Monday, April 23, 2018 at 5:00 am, WYCC in Chicago will broadcast the international news and entertainment service, MHz Worldview. Over-the-air viewers can find Worldview on channel 20 by rescanning available channels on their televisions. Viewers will also be able to watch WYCC MHz Worldview on Comcast channel 372 and RCN channel 57.

Will WYCC’s primary channel (20.1) programming be coming back?

A significant amount of the programming viewers enjoyed on WYCC’s primary channel (20.1) is available on one of WTTW’s content services – on WTTW11 (11.1), WTTW Prime (11.2), WTTW Create/WORLD (11.3), WTTW Kids 24/7 (11.4),, and the WTTW/PBS video app. In November 2017, WTTW added Miss Fisher and Dr. Blake Mysteries to our WTTW Prime lineup, and our weekend lineup on WTTW11 includes some of the British comedies and mysteries many enjoyed on WYCC.

With this license transfer, viewers who enjoyed WYCC’s MHz Worldview service on channel 20.3 will now find it on over-the-air channel 20, on Comcast channel 372, and on RCN channel 57.

I was a member of WYCC. Will I still have my membership to WYCC?

WTTW honored all active WYCC memberships as of November 2017 so, at that time, WYCC members became WTTW members. If you have any questions about this announcement, or your membership, please contact WTTW Member and Audience Services at (773) 509-1111, ext 6.

Is WYCC affiliated with PBS?

WYCC is no longer affiliated with PBS. WTTW is the primary and only PBS station in Chicago.

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