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Display of cupcakes with white icing and pink flowers on top

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A stack of chocolate ginger molasses cookies sits near a jug of milk

Chocolate Ginger-Molasses Cookies Great for Kids and Adults

It can be difficult to find recipes that please both children and adults, but these cookies from Martha Stewart manage to do so by adding chocolate chunks to ooey-gooey molasses cookies.

A family enjoys budin de pan at the table

A Puerto Rican Holiday Bread Pudding You Can Make with Your Kids

In Puerto Rico, budín de pan or bread pudding is typically served during Nochebuena or Christmas Eve. This recipe from PBS KIDS' Jessica Martinez is adapted from her grandmother, who took out the traditional raisins in favor of making the budín like a pineapple upside-down cake.

A mother and daughter slice a fruitcake together

A Kid-Friendly Fruitcake Recipe

Fruitcake may be a polarizing holiday dish, but if you make it fresh at home with your children, it can become a memorable new tradition – and it's easily customizable in terms of what fruit and nuts you include in it.

Brussels Sprouts with apples and bacon in a black bowl

An Easy Thanksgiving Side of Brussels Sprouts and Apples from 'Milk Street'

A simple vinaigrette enlivens this fall side dish from the new cookbook Milk Street Simple that's perfect for Thanksgiving.

A bowl of cold sesame noodles topped with cilantro, scallions, and cucumber in a yellow bowl on a yellow background

A Delicious 15-Minute Recipe from a New Chinese Cookbook Published by 'America's Test Kitchen'

Cold Sesame Noodles are one of the simplest dishes in America's Test Kitchen's new A Very Chinese Cookbook, but also "one of the most delicious," says its author Kevin Pang, a Wilmette resident and former Chicago Tribune writer. 

The cover of the cookbook We Cook Filipino next to a photo of longanisa from a recipe in it

Try a Healthier Longanisa Recipe from Chicago's A Taste of the Philippines

The new cookbook We Cook Filipino aims to show Filipinos and others that Filipino dishes can be healthy without losing integrity, as in a recipe for the sausage longanisa from Chicago's Kathy Vega Hardy of A Taste of the Philippines. 

Veggie tacos with lime laid out on dark wood cutting board

Food Stories

Jun-Jun Vichaikul poses in a onesie in front of shelves of liquor

Chicago is ‘On the Brink’ of Becoming a Sake Town. This Bottle Shop Wants to Take it To the Next Level

“I feel like Chicago is on the brink" of offering more traditional Japanese cuisine and beverages, says Jun-Jun Vichaikul, one of the owners of Konbini & Kanpai, a Lakeview bottleshop that celebrates sake, shochu, and other Japanese spirits.

A Thanksgiving meal spread on a table

Planning Your Thanksgiving Menu? Add These Recipes to Your List for Something Different

Thanksgiving is upon us, so it’s the perfect time to revisit some recipes that will add something a little different to your holiday table.

Wes Martin smiles in front of jars and a Milk Street sign

Milk Street’s Culinary Director Talks New Cookbook and Thanksgiving Tips for Overwhelmed Holiday Cooks

Thanksgiving is Wes Martin's favorite holiday, and he has some useful tips for harried home cooks. He also talks about the new cookbook Milk Street Simple.

Christian Hunter against a colorful background

The Finalists for Chicago's Local Food Awards Have Been Announced

The Jean Banchet Awards are local food industry awards that often spotlight talent overlooked by national and international publications. See the nominees in twelve categories this year.

A slice of toast covered with jam sits on a plate next to a cutting board

The Journey of a Loaf of Bread from a Farm to Your Table

For a loaf of bread from Publican Quality Bread to reach you, wheat must be grown and harvested and sent to a stone mill to be ground into flour, which then goes through a process as long as 60 hours at the bakery. 

A graphic depicting a bracket competition between candy with connections to Chicago

We Have a Chicago Candy Bracket Champion: Frango Mints!

After a week of intense competition, we have a winner of our Chicago candy bracket: Frango Mints! 

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Food Series

Alpana Sing at Check, Please! table

Check, Please!

The Emmy-winning local restaurant review series from WTTW Chicago features host, master sommelier, and restaurateur Alpana Singh sitting down with three “regular person” guest reviewers as they compare notes on their experiences at three Chicago-area eateries.

Won Kim holding spray-painting concrete wall outside

Chefs Off the Clock

Discover the ways Chicago’s celebrity chefs unwind after they clock out of the kitchen. Get to know another side of these interesting personalities who — while known for their passion and work ethic in the kitchen — are fascinating and passionate people in their personal lives as well.

Woman in restuarant at POS register


Meet the people who feed you. This digital takes you into the kitchen, behind the bar, and into the field to introduce you to a chef or restaurateur who prepares food and libations as they share their personal stories and insights about the meaning of their work, how they got into the hospitality business, and why they have such a passion for what they do.

Geoffrey Baer eating Chicago-style hot dog at bar and looking at camera

Foods of Chicago

Join Geoffrey Baer as he plays both taste tester and tour guide, exploring the little-known stories behind Chicago's favorite foods! Along this delectable journey, learn how the Chicago-style hot dog came into being, discover the connection between Al Capone and Jay's Potato Chips, take a tour down Chicago's New Maxwell Street Market, learn about the birth of the classic SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE "cheezborger" routine from the Billy Goat tavern, and so much more!

Sarah Grueneberg


This cooking demonstration program filmed before a live audience in WTTW's Grainger Studio is hosted by Sarah Grueneberg, James Beard award-winning chef/owner of Chicago's Monteverde and runner-up on "Iron Chef" and "Iron Chef Gauntlet." Each week, Sarah is joined by three extraordinary local chefs who band together to prepare a unique meal.

Illustration of apples with eyes and mouths on apple tree being picked off by child

Food Thoughts

Healthy eating and food education are essential to preparing the very youngest members of our community for school and life. Pilot Light and WTTW team up to encourage healthy eating with FOOD THOUGHTS, an animated series of videos for kids and families. Puppy chef host “Puprika” joins a diverse group of children and families to visit their homes, gardens, farms, and schools.

Food News