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10 That Changed America

Geoffrey Baer
Geoffrey Baer

Discover America’s built environment – the buildings, homes, parks, towns, streets, monuments, and modern marvels that reflect our nation’s history, values, ingenuity, and hopes for the future.

Meet the historians, architects, planners, curators, and guides who share the fascinating backstories behind the groundbreaking buildings that changed the way we work and play; the homes that transformed residential living, the parks that offer city dwellers a respite from the hustle and bustle of urban life; the experimental towns that change the lives of theirs residents; the streets that connect America; the monuments that commemorate our history; and the engineering marvels that transformed our environment and shaped the way we live.

Join us for a trip across America. Here you’ll find original stories, video extras, quizzes, photography, behind-the-scenes adventures, and a place to watch the series.

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