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State Representative candidate Julie Cho votes on election day. Photo: Hillary Bachelder
The documentary Represent follows three women candidates in the Midwest as they run for local office, including a Korean American Republican running on Chicago's North Shore. "A woman called me a white nationalist," she says. "And I thought, 'Me?' "
Anna, Robert, and Peter in 'COBRA.' Photo: Sky UK Limited
Robert plans a visit to Northumberland as the region's crises continue to worsen, while Archie begins laying plans to take advantage of the situation and amass power. Fraser and Francine find common ground.
Mary and Vivien in 'Flesh and Blood.' Photo: Masterpiece
Vivien connects with Mary and begins to feel unexpectedly nostalgic as she prepares for some significant changes in her life, while her children all take important steps in making their relationships less complicated.
The Trouble with Maggie Cole. Photo: Joss Barratt for Genial Productions Limited/ITV Studios Limited
Maggie Cole, the picturesque Thurlbury's "local historian," unwittingly upends her peaceful town when she shares local gossip in a radio interview after a few too many gin and tonics.
Abner Mikva in a crowd. Photo: Courtesy Mikva Family
Attending college on the G.I. Bill changed Abner Mikva's life. As a congressman, judge, and mentor to Barack Obama, Elena Kagan, and numerous young people, Mikva tried to show that government could be a force for good in people's lives. 
Speculoos cookies from 'Milk Street.' Photo: Connie Miller of CB Creatives
Who doesn't love a good speculoos? As the weather chills, bake some of the spiced cookies with a recipe from Milk Street and enjoy them alongside a hot cup of tea. 
Fraser in 'COBRA.' Photo: Sky UK Limited
As the United Kingdom suffers under mass blackouts, one region spirals into chaos while the Prime Minister is faced with difficult decisions. Anna becomes re-immersed in her past before facing a dangerous situation, and a family crisis threatens the PM's reputation.
Mary in 'Flesh and Blood.' Photo: Masterpiece
Vivien makes two sudden decisions that startle and upset her children, while they all continue to mess up in their struggling relationships and Mary keeps snooping. 
Celia and Alan in 'Last Tango in Halifax.' Photo: Matt Squire
In the series finale of Last Tango in Halifax, Alan and Celia approach their seventh anniversary, Ted goes on an adventure, Caroline tries to make amends, and Gillian ponders what to do with the farm.
A demonstration in support of Poland's Solidarity in Chicago in December, 1981. Photo: K. Pecak/Polish Museum of America
40 years ago, the Polish trade union Solidarity was formed. It would go on to force the first free elections in Communist Poland and win resoundingly, ending the Communist regime there. Chicago's Polish community played a strong supporting role throughout. 
Sophonisba Breckinridge. Image: Courtesy of the Library of Congress.
Sophonisba Breckinridge, a feminist and social reformer, accomplished a lot in her long career, much of which was spent at the University of Chicago. But despite all she achieved, she is what historian Anya Jabour calls a "forgotten feminist."
A cheese chile relleno from 'Pati's Mexican Table'
A new season of Pati's Mexican Table explores the cuisine of Sonora. Pati Jinich starts off her journey just over the border in Tucson, Arizona, the "gateway to Sonora," where she makes these oozy, cheesy chiles rellenos.
Anna Marshall and Robert Sutherland in 'COBRA.'
A possible global crisis faces Prime Minister Robert Sutherland and his chief of staff Anna Marshall as they deal with a fractious Cabinet, a long-lost person from the past, and troubles within the family. 
Vivien and Mark in 'Flesh and Blood.' Photo: Masterpiece
When Vivien begins dating Mark after her husband's death, some of her children are wary. But they have plenty of their own issues to deal with. And Vivien's nosy neighbor eagerly watches all the drama unfold. 
Celia and Ted in 'Last Tango in Halifax.' Photo: Matt Squire
Celia is getting tired of ushering Ted around, especially now that Alan is working and their kitchen is being redone. Gillian and Caroline hit their breaking points, and Judith has a surprising revelation that changes her relationship to John.