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Rick Steves at Vienna's Schoenbrunn Palace
Fall brings a wide array of new and exciting programs, from an eagerly anticipated returning detective series to several scintillating new dramas to a nostalgic look back at an iconic how-to program to a whirlwind tour of European art history.
Chicago City Hall. Image: Michael Izquierdo / WTTW News.
Did you keep up with the headlines? Take our September News Quiz.
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. at a barbershop in Making Black America: Through the Grapevine
A new series from Henry Louis Gates, Jr. shares space with a new Rick Steves series, plus a documentary exploring the unbelievably popular app TikTok and an enticing slate of new mysteries. 
The January 6th Hearings PBS NewsHour
The House committee investigating the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol is holding its next public hearing on September 28, and PBS NewsHour is again offering live coverage. Find ways to watch here.
Daley's Restaurant
Chicago is an outstanding food city—but you don’t have to eat at Michelin-star restaurants to enjoy the exceptional dining culture. The city’s (and suburbs’) diners are where Chicagoans of all types congregate for some quick, hearty food and hot coffee.
Alma and Cristóbal Mora of Bueno Days sell Mexican coffee
Alma and Cristóbal Mora founded Bueno Days to use their love of coffee to explore their Mexican heritage, selling beans sourced from Mexico and providing education alongside their coffee and inspired drinks such as horchata cold brew and a mole latte.
A woman holding a basket of apples
Autumn is here. Celebrate with festivals featuring apples, beer, cider, wine, and more, all coming to the Chicago area in October as the weather turns cool along with the leaves changing color. 
Lucienne and Van der Valk in season 2
A highly staged death of a lawyer who has just won a case against an alternative community leads Van der Valk and his team down an investigation that references Amsterdam's history and famed philosopher, Baruch Spinoza. 
Grilled Queso Fundido Potatoes from Pati Jinich
There's a new season of Pati's Mexican Table where she visits the northeastern state of Nuevo León and samples some grilled delights, among other things. Try her recipe for grilled potatoes topped with oozy cheese, sausage, and bacon. 
A boy smells a bunch of cilantro
A program called Pilot Light brings food education into the classroom. But it's about more than nutrition or cooking lessons. One Chicago Public School teacher shares her experience with using food as a dynamic teaching tool.
Upton Sinclair pictured as an adult; year unknown.
Writer and muckraker Upton Sinclair was born on this day 144 years ago. He was a prolific writer and political activist whose most notable work, The Jungle, had a transformative impact on the meatpacking industry in Chicago and nationwide. 
Los Lobos
Hispanic Heritage Month is here, starting the day before Mexican Independence Day on September 15 and running through October 15. Discover our celebratory programming, from a look at immigration through the lens of baseball to a Spanish drama series and more. 
Prahok Ktiss from Khmai Fine Dining in Chicago's Rogers Park
Prahok ktiss reminds the owner of one of Chicago's only Cambodian restaurants of childhood, when her mother would make it. Now it's one of her favorite dishes, and available at Khmai Fine Dining in Rogers Park. 
Nom Bahn Chok from Khmai Fine Dining in Chicago's Rogers Park
Mona Sang opened Khmai Fine Dining, one of two Cambodian restaurants in Chicago, to share the recipes and culture of her mother, who fled the Khmer Rouge genocide and ended up in Chicago, where she supported herself and four children as a caterer. 
Oak Park's The Daly Bagel is the brainchild of resident Amanda Daly, who began as an amateur baker making bagels for her son.