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The Crystal Palace in Victoria
Season three of Victoria is over, but there's still a lot more history to explore. Learn about some of the people, events and medical trends of the day, from Emily Palmerston to the Great Exhibition to cruel pseudosciences. 
Victoria and Albert at the Great Exhibition. Photo: Justin Slee/ITV Plc for MASTERPIECE
With the opening of the Great Exhibition approaching, Albert is working himself to death to insure its success. Palmerston once again makes an unpopular decision, Feo miscalculates in her schemes, and Sophie has an enormous decision to make. 
Geoffrey Baer at the beach
March brings three separate birthday celebrations of some talented musicians, including one who grew up in Chicago. Plus we have a new Geoffrey Baer special where he leaves the city for some R&R, and two documentaries on Chicago politics and history.
United Farm Workers leader Dolores Huerta organizing marchers on the 2nd day of March Coachella in Coachella, CA 1969. Photo: George Ballis / Take Stock / The Image Works
March is Women's History Month, so we’re spotlighting some incredible women, ranging from the everyday to the famous, the unfairly unknown to the household name, the fictional to the real, in documentaries and series. 
Alderman Leon Despres in the Chicago City Council chamber
“[Leon] Despres has been told to shut up – in one form or another – more than any grown man in Chicago," Mike Royko once wrote. "Throughout his career, he has been in the forefront of just about every decent, worthwhile effort to improve life in this city."
Victoria and Albert. Photo: Justin Slee/ITV Plc for MASTERPIECE
An incident in Athens leads to an international crisis that threatens to end Palmerston's political career, while Albert undertakes an ambitious project to host a grand exhibition in London, despite public disapproval and the possibility of failure.
A Pullman porter. Source: Library of Congress
While serving as a porter on a Pullman Palace car was one of the better jobs available to African American men, it still had its indignities. Frustrated that they did not share in the gains of their white colleagues, the porters formed the first successful black union in the country. 
Sam Cooke
The "King of Soul" grew up in Bronzeville and cut his teeth performing in churches and on streets in the city, striving to be the next Nat "King" Cole, who had attended the same high school as Cooke. 
Sammy Davis, Jr. on Our People with Jim Tilmon in 1968
Watch Sammy Davis, Jr. on the pioneering show "Our People," the first televised weekly forum for black issues, discuss the ongoing empowerment of African Americans in 1968. "Don't let 'em pigeonhole me, man, cuz I will not allow myself as a black individual to be pigeonholed," he says.
Mr. Hooper with Bert and Ernie. Image: Sesame Workshop
The collection includes iconic episodes that feature such moments as Ernie singing "Rubber Duckie, You're the One;" Kermit the Frog's "It's Not Easy Being Green;" Big Bird's reckoning with the death of a friend in "Farewell, Mr. Hooper;" and other classics.
Albert and Victoria, season 3. Photo: Justin Slee/ITV Plc for MASTERPIECE
When private sketches of Victoria and Albert at home are leaked to the public, Victoria suffers an image crisis. Things finally come to a head between Victoria and Feo, widening the rift between Victoria and Albert.
Revival Food Hall
Food halls are proliferating in Chicago – why are they suddenly so popular, and how are they any different from food courts, markets, or old-school cafeterias? The answer lies in their clever adaptation to a millennial age.
A chocolate pave heart from Chicago's Bittersweet
Instead of buying chocolates for Valentine's Day (whether for a loved one or for yourself!), why not try making some delectable chocolate hearts studded with cranberries, with a recipe from Chicago's Bittersweet in Lakeview?
Etta Moten Barnett singing "My Forgotten Man" in "Gold Diggers of 1933"
She went from being a young mother from Texas to becoming one of the first black women to appear onscreen not as a stereotype and the first to sing at the White House. Gershwin wanted her for Porgy and Bess – and later she became a liasion to Africa and a Chicago cultural patron.
Jenna Coleman as Victoria. Photo: Justin Slee/ITV Plc for MASTERPIECE
Victoria decides to visit Ireland, becoming the first English monarch to do so in centuries. Albert, of course, doubts that the trip will be effective, given that calls for Irish independence are increasing – and the disagreement affects their marriage.
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