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Abigail Fix rides a camel in 'Around the World in 80 Days.' Photo: Joe Alblas - © Slim 80 Days / Federation Entertainment / Peu Communications / ZDF / Be-Films / RTBF (télévision belge)
Another delay leads Phileas Fogg to take a desperate and dangerous path to his next destination. Fix proves exceedingly useful in the desert while also learning about her father's past from an unexpected companion.
James Herriot in season 2 of 'All Creatures Great and Small.' Photo: Playground Television
We're only just beginning a second season of All Creatures Great and Small and we already have good news about the show: it has been renewed for a third and fourth season!
Oskar and Max in season 2 of 'Vienna Blood.' Photo: Endor Production Ltd/MR Film GmbH
Max and Oskar again team up to investigate the death of one of Max's patients, a widowed Hungarian countess who suffered from melancholia as Vienna Blood returns for a second season.
Tristan and James in season 2 of 'All Creatures Great and Small.' Photo: Playground Television
James argues for Tristan to take on more responsibility while standing up to Siegfried himself in making his own professional decisions. He once again finds himself entangled with the Alderson family when their dog gets loose. 
Phileas Fogg on a train through Italy in ' Around the World in 80 Days.' Photo: Tudor Cucu - © Slim 80 Days / Federation Entertainment / Peu Communications / ZDF / Be-Films / RTBF
While traveling through Italy by train, Fix and Passepartout begin to doubt Fogg's ability to complete his journey, until a treacherous situation demands courage and tenacity from Fogg. Is he up to the task?
Sidney Poitier as Walter Lee Younger in the original 1959 stage production of Lorraine Hansberry's 'A Raisin in the Sun.' Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Friedman-Abeles, New York
The trailblazing actor and director Sidney Poitier, star of A Raisin in the SunThe Defiant Ones, and other films, has died at the age of 94. Listen to two interviews with him conducted decades apart by Studs Terkel.
Streaming. Photo: Unsplash/Glenn Carstens-Peters

There's now another way to watch WTTW and PBS programming: you can stream it live via DIRECTV Stream.

Passepartout, Fogg, and Fix flee police in Paris. Photo: Tudor Cucu - © Slim 80 Days / Federation Entertainment / Peu Communications / ZDF / Be-Films / RTBF (télévision belge)
The stuck-in-routine, unprepared Phileas Fogg decides to take a wager to become the first person to circumnavigate the globe in 80 days and immediately runs into trouble with his companions, the valet Passepartout and journalist Fix.
Joan Didion on WTTW's 'Callaway Interviews' in 1977
Revisit an archival interview from 1977 with Joan Didion, the admired writer and dissecter of America who recently died at the age of 87.
Ibrahim Koma as Passepartout, David Tennant as Phileas Fogg, and Leonie Benesch as Fix in 'Around the World in 80 Days.' Photo: Slim 80 Days / Federation Entertainment / Peu Communications / ZDF / Be-FILMS / RTBF (Télévision belge)
New year, new seasons of excellent shows—and lots of them! Finding Your RootsAmerica's Test KitchenAll Creatures Great and Small, and more, plus the premiere of a new adaptation of Around the World in 80 Days and more.
Cyril and Lucille make a snowman in 'Call the Midwife.' Photo: BBC / Nealstreet Productions / Sally Mais
It's a busy holiday season at Nonnatus House. Lucille is marrying Cyril the day after Christmas, Mother Mildred is coming to visit, and the midwives have a bunch of expectant mothers to care for as the holidays approach.
Downton Abbey the movie
As we air the original Downton Abbey film, catch up on all the goings-on that occur when the King and Queen pay a visit to Downton, bringing along a rival to the Dowager Countess.
Did we all hope 2021 would be a calmer news year than 2020? Probably. Was it? Most definitely not. Test your knowledge of Chicago’s top news stories –– from the essential stories, to the bizarre ones –– with our year-in-review news quiz.
Film set for a silent western featuring Gilbert M. Anderson, known as Broncho Billy, at Essanay Film Studios in Chicago, Illinois, circa 1910. Image: Chicago History Museum; ICHi-016886
Chicago has become a major hub for film and television production in the past decade, but the city has been an important part of the film industry almost since the birth of movies. Here are some of Geoffrey Baer's favorite uses of Chicago in films.
Cranberry Curd Tart from 'America's Test Kitchen'
Cranberries aren't just for Thanksgiving, especially when they come in the form of a stunning red tart with an almond crust from America's Test Kitchen.