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Helen Lambin shows Jay Shefsky her collection of tattoos
"I’m fortunate in that I get to do stories about people that I like," says Jay Shefsky. And even though they're everyday people, they're often extraordinary, with fascinating stories, jobs, or passions. "I want to share their stories and their work."
Houses along the 2500 block of West Morse Avenue, Chicago, IL
Chicago is renowned for its architecture, but a small-scale, domestic building unique to this city often goes unrecognized: the Chicago bungalow. The history of this style of house encompasses the story of Chicago's immigrants and infamous discrimination.
Ed White, the first American to walk in space, on Gemini 4 mission. Photo: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, June 1965
The beginning of a new year always brings the excitement of eagerly anticipated shows, and 2019 is no exception. From Oscar-buzzy documentaries to sweeping histories from Ken Burns and Henry Louis Gates, Jr. to new dramas and adaptations, it's going to be a good year. 
A white Andalusian horse. Photo: Aaron Munson/Handful of Films
The first month of 2018 has compassionate looks at some of Chicago's most fascinating people, a new comedic mystery, another season of genealogical sleuthing with Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and a two-part Nature series. Oh yeah – and a little show called Victoria.
Call the Midwife holiday special. Photo: Neal Street Productions
As Christmas approaches, the Nonnatus sisters are called back to the Mother House to elect a new Mother Superior. There, they care for newly arrived orphans from China as well as a pregnant woman who used to live there. Back in Poplar, Trixie returns and helps with a birth in an unusual place.
The iconic Earthrise photo from Apollo 8. Photo: NASA
On Christmas Eve of 1968, the three astronauts of Apollo 8 read from the Bible while broadcasting images of the moon from closer than any person had ever been. Not only was it the first manned spacecraft to orbit the moon, it also gave us one of the most iconic images ever. 
Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Photo: Jessica Castro on Unsplash
Try a recipe for Phil Ponce's favorite cookie, his wife's oatmeal cookie. "This has been my go-to cookie throughout my adult life. Ann knows if she makes these I will be happy for days," he says. "Definitely my death-bed cookie."
Olivia Colman as Madame Thénardier in a new adaptation of Les Misérables. Photo: BBC - Robert Viglasky
No, it's not another adaptation of the ever-popular musical but a return to the source material, Victor Hugo's classic novel. The six-part series has a stellar cast, including Olivia Colman, Dominic West, David Oyelowo, and Lily Collins. Watch a preview here.
Downton Abbey

A teaser trailer for the upcoming Downton Abbey film, due to be released in 2019, has been released. Watch it here.

Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood in the Great British Baking Show Masterclass Christmas Special. Photo: Love Productions
December obviously brings the holidays, making it the perfect time to curl up in your warm home and watch some TV while snow falls outside. Here are holiday specials, a Christmas concert, festive baking episodes, and more to tide you through those dark, cold nights.
Ferrara Pan Candy Company Factory
The Chicagoland-based Ferrara Candy Company has announced that it's moving into the Old Post Office downtown. Take a tour of their factory, where even the air tastes sweet, in a segment from a 2004 episode of Chicago Tonight.
Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry
Julius Rosenwald used the fortune he amassed leading Sears to found the Museum of Science and Industry, establish schools for rural African Americans and YMCAs across the country, support newly arrived Jewish immigrants, and more.
Fred Rogers
The critically acclaimed film about Fred Rogers, which is the top-grossing biographical documentary of all time, is coming to WTTW in February. 
The Chicago Botanic Garden's Wonderland Express exhibition. Photo: Chicago Botanic Garden
Imagine Chicago transformed into a festive forest fairyland, and you have the Chicago Botanic Garden's holiday Wonderland Express. Over 80 landmarks are constructed completely out of natural materials, from bark to gourds. Take a magical video tour here.
Chicago Cookbooks
Chicago is a great food city, and, over the years, we've produced a bounty of cookbooks. Local chefs, restaurants, organizations – even baseball teams and politicians – have gotten in on the action. Behold, the cream of the Chicago-made cookbook crop.