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Lisa, Professor T, and Dan. Photo: Sofie Gheysens
When someone is poisoned at a museum reception, the detectives again turn to Professor T for help in winnowing down the suspects, who include a woman who works at the university and has gossip swirling around her. 
Professor T. Photo: Jonathan Ford
While investigating a rape at her old college, Lisa Donckers decides to ask her former forensic criminology professor for help. Professor T is brilliant and knowledgeable, but also difficult to work with—and he has a history with Lisa's boss.
Cassie and Sunny in season four of 'Unforgotten.' Photo: Mainstreet Pictures LTD
A frozen body without a head or hands appears in a scrapyard, its only identifying feature a bicep tattoo. Sunny and the team try to learn its identity while Cassie fights the police department to win a medical retirement, without luck.
PBS Short Film Festival 2021
PBS has spotlighted short-form independent films online for a decade now with the Short Film Festival. Preview the films, including several from Illinois, and find a viewing party kit and more as you settle in for some extraordinary shorts.
The August 27, 1959 opening day ceremonies of the 1959 Pan-American Games in Soldier Field. Photo: Chicago History Museum
Chicago celebrates its World's Fairs on the city flag, and the failed bid for the 2016 Olympics is well-remembered. Why have the 1959 Pan-American Games hosted by the city been forgotten?
Cassie and Sunny in season 4 of Unforgotten. Photo: Mainstreet Pictures LTD
PBS fans love mystery, but they might not want the fates of beloved dramas to be shrouded in secrets. Discover the status of your favorite returning dramas and mysteries as well as some exciting new series. 
The Chosen Few Picnic and Festival
The Chosen Few Picnic and Festival has been bringing house music and a family reunion atmosphere to a South Side park for three decades, thanks to a set of DJs who helped popularize house music in the first place. The event, virtual this year, takes place July 3.
Fireworks over the U.S. Capitol.
Meet the talented musicians performing in the pre-recorded A Capitol Fourth, which culminates with live fireworks over the U.S. Capitol on the Fourth of July. 
Professer T. Photo: Sofie Gheysens
A new British version of an intriguing Belgian mystery, a documentary featuring both performance and history focusing on Brazil featuring Gloria Estefan, and a show pitting modern families against life on a rural island in the early twentieth century. 
John Gregg and Robert Allerton in Hamburg, 1932. Photo: Courtesy University of Illinois Archives
Robert Allerton, once called the "richest bachelor in Chicago," lived with a man 26 years younger than him for the last four decades of his life before legally adopting him. His life with John Gregg reveals a sense of the early twentieth century and complicates ideas of couplehood.
Douglas, Albie, and Connie in 'Us.' Photo: Masterpiece
Douglas continues his search for Albie and keeps ending up in various forms of trouble. Has his odyssey changed him into a better father for his son, and someone that Connie wants to remain married to?
Douglas, Connie, and Albie Petersen in 'Us.' Photo: Masterpiece
Connie wants a divorce from Douglas after more than twenty years, but first they will go on a three-week vacation with their teenaged son Albie. Douglas vows to show Connie he can change, in order to change her mind. What could go wrong?
Un(re)solved from Frontline
Under the Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crimes Act, the federal government has investigated more than 150 race-related cold cases. A new podcast and multiplatform project from Frontline examines its success, and what truth and justice look like in decades-old cases. 
Henry Blake Fuller and a cover of his book, "Bertram Cope's Year"
Henry Blake Fuller isn't necessarily a well-known name in literature. But his book Bertram Cope's Year is considered by many to be one of the first American novels to feature gay characters. Fuller also played a big role in making social realism the literary style of Chicago.
Professor Longhair and Bruce Iglauer. Photo: Alligator Records/Michael Smith
Alligator Records was born when a young hippie decided he had to record an unusual artist he had seen "50 times" at a Chicago club. Fifty years later, it has recorded legends, fresh upstarts, the Queen of the Blues, and more, all while retaining a family feel.