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Reggie in the season 11 'Call the Midwife' Christmas special. Photo: BBC/Nealstreet Productions/Sally Mais
Believe it or not, we're nearing the end of 2021 and the beginning of the holiday season. We've got plenty of programming to get you in the holiday spirit—find it here.
Savory Sweet Potato Gratin from 'Milk Street'
There are no marshmallows in sight in this savory sweet potato gratin from Milk Street. Instead the excitement comes from the complement of miso, soy, and ginger against the warm sweetness of the potatoes.
Cookie Monster, Elmo, Ji-Young, Tamir, Abby Cadabby, and Big Bird. Image: Sesame Workshop
The seven-year-old Korean American Muppet Ji-Young, who will officially debut on Thanksgiving, is Sesame Street's first Asian American Muppet. 
Dame Maggie Smith in 'Downton Abbey.'
The first extended trailer for the upcoming Downton Abbey: A New Era has been released, which just might hold us over until the film's release on March 18, 2022.
Julien Baptiste in season 2. Photo: Two Brothers Pictures and all3media international
Baptiste and Emma learn that another attack is being planned and try desperately to learn more about it in order to prevent it, while also trying to discover more about Emma's son Will.
Leonard in prison. Photo: Masterpiece and Kudos
When an inmate at Leonard's prison turns up dead and Leonard's cellmate is blamed, Leonard enlists Will and Geordie to investigate shady occurences at the prison. 
Trixie and Matthew Aylward in 'Call the Midwife.' Photo: Neal Street Productions
Matthew Aylward shows up in a surprising way in Poplar, and Trixie finds her view of him shifting. A complication interrupts a familial adoption, while Nancy tries to assert her own authority. 
Ligurian Potato, Green Bean, and Mushroom Gratin from 'Milk Street'
Green bean casserole may be a classic Thanksgiving side dish, but in case you want to switch it up from the cream of mushroom kind, Milk Street has a hearty Italian casserole filled out with potatoes and fresh mushrooms.
Michael and Kamilla Agoston in 'Baptiste.' Photo: Two Brothers Pictures & All3Media International
Baptiste, Emma, and Zsofia find clues implicating Kamilla Agoston and her husband Michael as involved in some shady dealings related to the disappearance of Emma's family, and continue to try to locate her son Will. 
Will, the Bishop, and Henry Jones in 'Grantchester.' Photo: Masterpiece and Kudos
The bishop appoints a new curate to Grantchester, but no one is in the mood to welcome him, given that he's Leonard's replacement. A student protest gone wrong leads Will and Geordie to investigate, and into an argument. 
Sarita Gupta in 'Call the Midwife.' Photo: Neal Street Productions
Sister Frances tries to increase outreach to Poplar's South Asian community as a young mother struggles with a childhood trauma. Trixie takes a stand after witnessing a difficult situation, causing consternation in the community.
A selection of Indian mithai, or confections. Photo: iStock
“It is the most important holiday for our community,” says the Chicago-based cookbook author Anupy Singla. She explains the Hindu religious holiday's significance and some of the delicious dishes that are served up during it. 
Cherokee Nation citizen James Greg Bilby as Sequoyah in 'Searching for Sequoyah.' Photo: Karl W. Schmidt
A new documentary explores the legacy and mysterious life of Sequoyah, who created the Cherokee writing system despite being illiterate in any other language. The team behind the film discusses its importance to them as Native scholars and filmmakers. 
Julien Baptiste and Emma Chambers in season 2 of 'Baptiste.' Photo: Two Brothers Pictures & All3Media International
Emma and Baptiste discover a possible clue on Emma's son Alex's laptop while Zsofia tries to prevent possible violence at the upcoming speech of a politician.
Leonard, Will, and Geordie in court in 'Grantchester.' Photo: Masterpiece and Kudos
As Leonard goes to trial, a bank robbery serves as a distraction for Geordie and Will, the latter of whom wants to testify on behalf of Leonard but is warned against it because of the possible repercussions for himself.