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As a kid, Bob Fosse danced in the Riff Brothers. Meet his partner, Charlie Grass.

Dorothy Olson Pauletti spent decades performing in Chicago. At 102, she’s still got it.
Lots of Irish music in Chicago. None have been at it longer than Malachy Towey and Kevin Henry.
He is paraplegic. She was afraid of wheelchairs. An unlikely story of love and art.
You have to see Norma Gatto's glass creations to believe them.
After a photographer died, his daughters found nearly half a million stunning images of Black Chicago.
Your favorite Chicago PBS anchor has a no-longer-secret passion. Mexican-inspired papel picado. And he’s damn good at it.
As a kid, she was bullied for her hair loss. Now she helps girls live bald and proud.
Black and white photos capture River North in a very different era.
Stunning 1970’s photos of the men and women who call themselves "railroad tramps."
A legendary dancer, choreographer and teacher with a surprising back story.
Edo loves color. “Color is my thing,” he says. “I want it to light up a room.”
Chicago guitar master Joel Paterson gives a unique spin to the Beatles.
Pianist Erwin Helfer wants you to know about the weeks he spent in an inpatient psych unit.
Where the accordion is still king.
The Blues musician who was also the genre's biggest fan.
Zeshan B's unique brand of Indo-Pak Rhythm and Blues
Great harmonies and smart, witty lyrics for 25 years.
A life in gospel music - and Paul Simon too.
You will fall in love with the Lucero Family band, "Cielito Lindo."
She thought she was done painting, but found new inspiration in an unlikely place.
Childhood still inspires this Chicago painter.
First Lady of Children's Music.
She loves baseball. And baseball players. And she paints them.
We met Peggy at 96. Still painting. Still passionate about improving the world.
Meet Heeyoung Kim. A love for rare prairie plants. And a rare talent for botanical art.
When POTUS needs a gift for state visit.
Gargoyles inspire a life with stone.
A surprising path to Christian Art.
Singer Ben Mugisha lives in Chicago and is a big deal in Rwanda.
A banjo player's life-changing 25 year correspondence with Pete Seeger. Meet Michael Miles.
25 years of the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative.
Sand paintings. Improvised and ephemeral. Meet Joe Mangrum.
A big talent for making tiny things.
Where does a Blues geek go to train? Chicago, of course. Fernando Jones’ Blues Camp.